Prison & Prisoners: Some Personal Experiences

Read by KHand

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Constance Lytton worked along Emmeline Pankhurst for the cause of women's suffrage in England. Upset that she was getting preferential treatment by the authorities, she assumed a pseudonym (Jane Wharton) so that her titled status wouldn't be obvious. This book chronicles her involvement in the suffrage movement, including her arrest and subsequent incarceration at Holloway Prison, a place notorious for the poor treatment of the women in their charge. - Summary by KHand (8 hr 25 min)


Dedication 3:20 Read by KHand
Introduction 12:51 Read by KHand
My Conversion 33:39 Read by KHand
A Deputation to the Prime Minister 36:46 Read by KHand
Police Court Trial 20:42 Read by KHand
Holloway Prison: My First Imprisonment 35:54 Read by KHand
The Hospital 32:33 Read by KHand
Some Types of Prisoners 36:19 Read by KHand
'A Track To The Water's Edge' 53:30 Read by KHand
From The Cells 40:45 Read by KHand
New Castle: Police Station Cell 30:15 Read by KHand
New Castle Prison: My Second Imprisonment 16:54 Read by KHand
Jane Wharton 36:14 Read by KHand
Walton Gaol, Liverpool: My Third Imprisonment 55:09 Read by KHand
The Home Office 20:36 Read by KHand
The Conciliation Bill 12:42 Read by KHand
Holloway Prison Revisited: My Fourth Imprisonment 27:39 Read by KHand