A Chautauqua Idyl

Read by Scarlett Martin

(3.8 stars; 37 reviews)

The trees, flowers, and animals of a peaceful pasture meet together to discuss and learn of theology. Summary by Scarlett Martin. (0 hr 53 min)


Introductory Note 1:31 Read by Scarlett Martin
Section 1 9:00 Read by Scarlett Martin
Section 2 10:38 Read by Scarlett Martin
Section 3 11:11 Read by Scarlett Martin
Section 4 10:27 Read by Scarlett Martin
Section 5 10:28 Read by Scarlett Martin


Pronounced SHAH TAH QUAH!

(1 stars)

I could not listen to more than a few minutes of this because her mispronunciation of Chautauqua drives me crazy!


(2 stars)

A cute and creative concept that was well written, however I couldn’t help feeling like I was listening to a piece of advertising for Chautauqua. And honestly it was pretty dull. A committee meeting is still a committee meeting even if the members are flowers, fish and birds etc.

exactly as the description says

(5 stars)

A sweet description of nature imitating a summer camp type meeting . My mom took me to the one in the North Carolina mountains many,many years ago. It was called Ridgecreast

(4 stars)

Wonderful historical value. However, Chautauqua is horribly mispronounced.