Spurgeon's Sermons May 1858

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Charles Spurgeon was a popular Baptist minister in London in mid-Victorian times; his ministry was highly influential and had a significant effect on many families in London and further afield. It was difficult to find a hall large enough to accommodate the crowd who wished to hear him. At times the Royal Surrey Gardens' Music Hall was hired to accommodate the Sunday congregation; this could seat 10,000 but large numbers were unable to gain admittance.

His world-wide heritage is very much with us today through the many churches built, missionary work begun, children's charity founded and theological colleges established as a result of his ministry.

The sermons in this collection were preached during May 1898 and published immediately at one penny (1d.) each. These were widely circulated and remain one of the all-time best-selling series of writings. (Summary by Alan Chant) (4 hr 19 min)


191: Christ Glorified As The Builder Of His Church 45:03 Read by Mark Barnes
192: The Sunday School Teacher - A Steward 42:00 Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)
193: The World Turned Upside Down 42:27 Read by Justin Brett
194: Human Responsibility 38:53 Read by Vivian Bush
195: Looking Unto Jesus 47:24 Read by Alan Chant
196: A Present Religion 43:23 Read by Tim Bulkeley (1948-2019)


All Six Readers Are Brilliant!

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The whole lot of them are brilliant. And the five others are even better than Mark, good as he is. Even the American lady did a great job, though, of course, the British have a talent for reading the Bible and spiritual literature so well. Something inherent in them! I love all six readers and I pray God's blessings be showered upon them (Tim, Alan, Justin, Andy, Vivian, etc) for the great service rendered by them in reading Spurgeon's sermons so brilliantly!

(5 stars)

There's a reason Spurgeon is called 'the prince of preachers'. Truth beautifully said. I wish Mark Barnes would have read every one of these, I would pay that man to read me to sleep at night!

Timeless Teaching

(5 stars)

For years, I've wanted to read Spurgeon's sermons. Having heard only 6, I can see why he was so revered. He spoke simply and from the heart about Salvation thru Jesus Christ.

Timely Messages

(5 stars)

It is a blessing to have these sermons from so long ago! Thank you to LibriVox, and to the dedicated readers.

it's Raycyst

(5 stars)

The English language is the structure upon which cis gendered phalogocentric white males oppress BIPOCs. The fact that this white English speaker chooses to speak in English excludes the BIPOC population of the planet earth that is excluded from the English language by the afore mentioned phalogocentric white male oppressors. Also Jesus did not do enough to support the LatinX Americans. If Jesus were a true Christian he would have made lots of sermons condemning white people