Harper's Young People, Vol. 01, Issue 08, Dec. 23, 1879

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Harper's Young People upon its first publication in 1879 was an illustrated weekly publication containing delightful serialized stories, short stories, fiction and nonfiction, anecdotes, jokes, artwork, craft projects, and more for children. This eighth issue of the serial was published on December 23, 1879 and contained expanded content and improvements to the printed format. Published by Harper & Brothers, known today for their other publications Harper's Bazaar and Harper's Magazine. The story "Christmas Puzzle" contains a puzzle which is in illustrated form, to view the illustration, please visit this periodical issue on Project Gutenberg. (Summary by Jill Engle) (1 hr 43 min)


The Brave Swiss Boy: Part VII - A Glimpse of Parisian Life 16:30 Read by Matthieu
The Beautiful Christmas Green; Christmas Puzzle 8:00 Read by Larry Wilson
A Christmas Story 12:58 Read by David Olson
The History of Photogen and Nycteris: Parts XIV-XV 14:23 Read by A LibriVox Volunteer
The Gift of the Birds 3:48 Read by A LibriVox Volunteer
The Fair Persian 16:11 Read by Lee-Ann Niazi
They Got the Turkey 9:17 Read by Matthieu
Books Suitable for Holiday Presents; Harper's Young People; A Liberal Offer for… 14:07 Read by Jill Engle
Our Post-Office Box 7:50 Read by Larry Wilson


Very Christmassy

(3 stars)

Another fun edition, although I admit the section on books to buy for Christmas put me to sleep. I love hearing the post box letters, there's just something about hearing the voices of children from the past that's really special.