Bee Hunting

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Many books on sports of various kinds have been written, but outside of an occasional article in periodicals devoted to bee literature, but little has been written on the subject of bee hunting. Therefore, I have tried, in this volume, Bee Hunting for Pleasure and Profit, to give a work in compact form, the product of what I have learned along this line during the forty years in nature's school room. - Summary by John Ready Lockard (1 hr 28 min)


Preface 3:07 Read by Larry Wilson
I. Bee Hunting 16:17 Read by John
II. Early Spring Hunting 3:17 Read by John
III. Bees Watering--How to Find Them 3:34 Read by John
IV. Hunting Bees from Sumac 2:55 Read by Twinkle
V. Hunting Bees from Buckwheat 3:34 Read by Mike Pelton
VI. Fall Hunting 2:04 Read by Mike Pelton
VII. Improved Method of Burning 10:17 Read by Mike Pelton
VIII. Facts About Line of Flight 6:59 Read by Mike Pelton
IX. Baits and Scents 4:28 Read by John
X. Cutting the Tree and Transferring 11:59 Read by John
XI. Customs and Ownership of Wild Bees 4:02 Read by John
XII. Benefactors and Their Inventions 4:51 Read by MacKenzie Nikol Greenwood
XIII. Bee Keeping for Profit 10:36 Read by Larry Wilson


About bee TRACKING, not a hunting parody

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The Librivox app listed this book as being similar to a humorous book I had just completed. I therefore assumed it was a humorous parody on hunting bees, literally, like with a gun. It is not. It is about bee tracking.