Star Stories for Little Folks

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(4.3 stars; 11 reviews)

Gertrude Chandler Warner, known mainly for her "Boxcar Children" series of mystery books, published this small book of Astronomy, Constellations, and the stories behind them in 1918. It follows the story of a little girl named Helen, and her friend Dr. Lorry as she learns about stars through stories, games, and more. (Summary by Kangaroo) (0 hr 39 min)


Preface: A Letter to You 1:35 Read by DebK
The Two Dippers 2:33 Read by DebK
Auriga, the Wagoner 2:11 Read by DebK
Taurus, the Bull 1:58 Read by DebK
Orion 2:33 Read by DebK
Gemini, the Twins 1:38 Read by DebK
Canis Major, the Great Dog 1:51 Read by DebK
Leo, the Lion 2:20 Read by Kathleen Moore
Bootes, the Herdsman 2:32 Read by Twinkle
Corona, the Northern Crown 2:07 Read by Kathleen Moore
Lyra, the Lyre 2:49 Read by Twinkle
Cygnus, the Swan 2:41 Read by Twinkle
Scorpio 1:56 Read by Kathleen Moore
Sagittarius, the Archer 1:46 Read by DebK
The Square of Pegasus, the Triangle, and Aries, the Ram 2:04 Read by DebK
Cassiopeia's Chair 2:01 Read by DebK
The Planets 4:39 Read by Kangaroo


Short & lovely for little kids

(5 stars)

Pleasant, very short story that might peek your kid's interest in stargazing.

(3 stars)

educational but really needs the illustrations to work