'Tilda Jane

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.6 stars; 81 reviews)

When spunky 'Tilda Jane isn't allowed to keep her beloved dog with her at the orphanage, she decides to set out on her own in search of a home where the inseparable pair will be accepted. Throughout her weary travels she encounters many people, both rich and poor, kind and cantankerous -- but will she ever find family? Set in the Canadian wilderness and coast of Maine, 'Tilda Jane is a story of true grit, forgiveness, and unlikely friendship. (Summary by Twinkle) (5 hr 35 min)


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Interesting Book

(5 stars)

I loved this book, it was refreshingly different than other similar books. All the readers were understandable and all pleasant to listen to. Five stars :)

'Tilda Jane

(5 stars)

I decided I would listen to this book and it was so worth it ! ! ! I would totally advise you to read/listen to it. It just made me bawl, but I simply loved out. IT DID NOT DRAG OUT ! ! ! the readers were also quite good :) It was very precious ... I liked how she was so kind to animals. And was also so sweet and also worried tht running away was such a sin and tht when she got settled she would repent and be forgiven. There is also some humor in th story plus she has a lot of spunk to spicen it up. I am sure you will enjoy it ! ! ! cuz I did !

delightful listen

(5 stars)

just the right insight and all readers talented. will be looking for more light titles from them for even though the plot is simple. the story sweet, it was just what I needed

A great story!

(5 stars)

And very well read! Hats off to the Librivox volunteers! A good story for children... 'Tilda Jane has many interesting adventures which keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering what she's going to get into next!

'Tida Jane : Very enjoyable book

(5 stars)

I Loved this book.. Well written and excellent readers . I'm going to listen to it again ..😂


(3.5 stars)

Story is along lines of "Ann of Avenlee". Warm with added mix of dog-lover. Volunteers did decent job.

Sweet Story

(5 stars)

Good Readers. Very Sweet Storyline, well written with lots of adventure. I loved it❤️

Connie Green

(4.5 stars)

A very good story. I really enjoyed it and was sad it ended.