The Haunted Woman

Read by Phil Benson

(4.2 stars; 33 reviews)

Isabel Loment is engaged to the affectionate, but unemotional, Marshall Stokes. House-hunting for her aunt, she comes to Runhill Court, an ancient home with a mysterious staircase that is only visible to those with eyes to see it. Ascending the staircase, she meets Henry Judge, the owner of Runhill Court, and a passionate relationship develops, which neither can recall once they have descended the staircase and returned to the everyday world. The Haunted Woman was Lindsay's attempt to write a more commercial novel than its fantasy predecessor, A Voyage to Arcturus. Though neither book was successful in its day, both became cult classics. The Haunted Woman was reprinted as the fourth volume of the celebrated Newcastle Forgotten Fantasy Library. (Phil Benson) (6 hr 37 min)


Marshall returns from America 28:10 Read by Phil Benson
The visit to Runhill Court 22:58 Read by Phil Benson
In the upstairs corridor 18:43 Read by Phil Benson
The legend of Ulf's Tower 18:05 Read by Phil Benson
Isbel sees herself 23:11 Read by Phil Benson
Judge appears on the scene 15:23 Read by Phil Benson
The dinner-party 18:07 Read by Phil Benson
The picnic 18:31 Read by Phil Benson
What happened in the second room 22:21 Read by Phil Benson
Blanche speaks out 18:04 Read by Phil Benson
Isbel visits Worthing 19:06 Read by Phil Benson
Mrs. Richborough's errand 19:01 Read by Phil Benson
The lunch at the Metropole 16:26 Read by Phil Benson
In the second chamber again 26:23 Read by Phil Benson
The music of spring 13:35 Read by Phil Benson
The musician departs 16:01 Read by Phil Benson
In the twilight 20:40 Read by Phil Benson
A catastrophe 21:02 Read by Phil Benson
The flash of day 20:29 Read by Phil Benson
Marshall's journey 20:44 Read by Phil Benson


20th century Brighton meets 7th century Saxony

(4 stars)

This is an eerie "fantasy/gothic romance". The author creates a tangible air of suspense and mystery by the juxtaposition of the prosaic, with the fantastical. In this story, the house (not the characters) is the main protagonist. The legend has it, that the original owner and his house were punished by the trolls for building on their sacred land. It is this "curse", which makes the house unusual, creepy, and not of this earth. Anyone who enjoys F&SF, will find this well worth reading. I would have given this book five stars, if I had not wished for a different ending. However, I concede that other people will probably find the authors ending quite satisfying. Additionally, this British fantasy is enhanced by the British accent of the reader, who does a really good job of narration.

Exquisite Storytelling!

(5 stars)

The book is not your typical "haunted house" tale. It’s a gripping look into the rather uncertain friendship of two people constrained by the social mores of the time. Set in post-Great War England there is an otherworldly feel to the story that promises more and it delivers grandly. The Haunted Woman is beautiful at times and often exquisitely so. Isabel and Judge are inextricably drawn to each other can the secret room guide them to a passion they dare not even imagine? Phil Benson narrates the story flawlessly as usual. Mr. Benson was born to read this fascinating tale!

The Haunted Woman

(5 stars)

A little gem. Great psychological depth and a pleasing non sentimental ending. The extra dimensional stuff nicely underplayed. And Isbel’s unfolding and self discovery well handled. excellent reading performance. Don’t miss this!

Good story

(4.5 stars)

I very much enjoyed the storu, but as several other reviewers have written, I was disappointed by the ending.

Very enthralling

(5 stars)

Very well read. Classic setting in an old house . Very Victorian setting and characters.

(5 stars)

Good Gothic read with excellent reader but ending didn't answer all the questions the story presented

very good reader.

(3 stars)

yep! the story does feel incomplete.

A superb book

(5 stars)

Wonderfully read! An amazing book.