Hoofbeats on the Turnpike

Read by Cheryl Adam

(4.7 stars; 130 reviews)

Penny Parker is a teen-aged sleuth and amateur reporter with an uncanny knack for uncovering and solving unusual, sometimes bizarre mysteries. The only daughter of widower Anthony Parker, publisher of the "Riverview Star," Penny has been raised to be self-sufficient, outspoken, innovative, and extraordinarily tenacious. Her cheerful, chatty manner belies a shrewd and keenly observant mind. Penny was the creation of Mildred A. Wirt, who was also the author of the original Nancy Drew series (under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene). Wirt became frustrated when she was pushed to "tone down" Nancy Drew and make her less independent and daring. With Penny Parker, Wirt had a freer hand and received full credit. Wirt once said, " 'I always thought Penny Parker was a better Nancy Drew than Nancy is." In HOOFBEATS ON THE TURNPIKE, Penny is drawn to a remote hill community by a tantalizing tale of a headless horseman who ranges the countryside at night. While investigating the bizarre tale, Penny and her best friend Louise Siddell encounter a quirky array of hill folk, including a feisty "granny woman" who is at war with a wealthy landowner. The headless horseman seems to be targeting the landowner, who has ignored repeated warnings that the dam he owns is unsafe. The tale takes an unusually serious turn when the dam breaks, flooding the community. Trapped by the flood, Penny heroically does what she can to help the community and to get the story out to the world. - Summary by Cheryl Adam (4 hr 41 min)


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(5 stars)

Another fantastic action adventure story starring Penny Parker and her best friend, Louise. This one has a more grown up feel to it than earlier stories. Familiar hijinks blended with serious events produces a riveting story which marks a turning point in Penny's maturity. As always, Cheryl Adams is a FABULOUS reader; five stars for Ms Adams and five stars for Mrs Wirt Benson!

Interesting Story And Very Well Read

(5 stars)

This is the the first Penny Parker story I have ever heard, and I'm delighted! The narration was excellent, and the sound effects pulled me even deeper into the story. Can't wait for another adventure with Penny Parker!


(5 stars)

Cheryl Adam did a fantastic job with these books! I wish she did all the books on here!! I hate listening to other people besides her.

very entertaining

(5 stars)

a good old fashioned story told in the most enjoyable way

(5 stars)

Absolutely loved the sound effects that the reader added!! I enjoyed the story!

Great narration

(5 stars)

Ms. Adams did an amazing job reading this book!


(4 stars)

Besides her "Green Door" story,this is a fave. Great for a few hours of pleasure for young or old. The book is old, but the truth remains that suspense and a good plot transcend time. The reader is well suited to the material. The new technologies of the time make for a real setting and the horses are a good choice for many readers. I give it 4 stars.

(3 stars)

not much of a mystery. I'm listening to it during a flood which does up the excitement level quite a lot. The super happy ending doesn't help. worst of the series so far.