A Book of Fairy Tales

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(4.9 stars; 7 reviews)

This is a collection of fairy tales, retold by Sabine Baring-Gould. The collection contains such well-known stories as Cinderella and the Beauty and the Beast, but also tales which are now not as widely known, such as the Yellow Dwarf and the White Cat. - Summary by Carolin (6 hr 54 min)


Preface 5:29 Read by BettyB
Jack and the Bean Stalk 23:06 Read by Travis Baldree
Puss in Boots 12:57 Read by Adeena Mignogna
Cinderella 20:07 Read by Terah Tucker
Valentine and Orson 29:57 Read by lcastleb1
Little Red Riding-Hood 7:23 Read by Nathaniel O'Coin
The Sleeping Beauty 10:59 Read by Lilian Elizabeth
The Babes in the Wood 8:38 Read by Lee-Ann Niazi
Pretty Maruschka 18:20 Read by E. Henderson
Beauty and the Beast 32:59 Read by sashelliott
The Yellow Dwarf 15:48 Read by BettyB
Hop-o'-my-Thumb 31:13 Read by Lee-Ann Niazi
Whittington and his Cat 18:45 Read by Geoff Cahill
Don't-Know 23:11 Read by Sophie Owen
Miranda, or, the Royal Ram 16:17 Read by BettyB
Blue-Beard 17:20 Read by Kate Follis
The Fair Maid with the Golden Locks 28:40 Read by Geoff Cahill
Jack the Giant Killer 17:01 Read by Robin Lamb
The Three Bears 7:35 Read by Michael L
Tom Thumb 13:03 Read by Michael Fassio
The White Cat 43:34 Read by Terah Tucker
The Frog Prince 11:55 Read by BettyB


98% great...

(5 stars)

I didn't enjoy the intrusion of the author's opinion of The Yellow Dwarf. OR agree with it. She sounded as bratty as a social media addict of today unloading on a hapless YouTube offering, or hammering strangers on Facebook with her political opinion. Wonder what made her need to do that? She even used the word "trash," of all things. It didn't fit with the rest of the book. This was such a great story book. I LOVED The Yellow Dwarf, though I have read or listened to better retellings than hers. It's more engaging than Rumpelstiltskin, to which she unfavorably compared it, for reasons i can't fathom. They aren't similar at all. ALL readers were excellent as usual. Thank you, archive.org and Librivox volunteers.

Really enjoyable.

(4.5 stars)

Excellent collection of fairy stories and other assorted tales. Read very well.