Tales from the Works of G.A.Henty

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(4.5 stars; 27 reviews)

George Alfred Henty was an English newspaper correspondent who became a prolific author of, predominantly, adventure stories for boys. Most were based on true historical events. In this volume, published posthumously, we are presented with thirteen signature stories taken from within his novels. We are taken to India, to Canada, aboard a plague ship and back to Hannibal's army. We confront the Chinese, the Black Death and numerous brushes with death in these gripping tales, which give us a taste of Henty's storytelling mastery. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (4 hr 15 min)


Enjoyable and fun experience!

(5 stars)

Listened to this book a couple of times on a 300 mile car ride. I thought all the readers did a wonderful job, and voice acting fit each of their respective roles splendidly. Had a lot of fun with this one! Many thanks, readers! JDW


(5 stars)

Most all of the stories are edge-of-your-seat kind. I recommend all Henty books.

Entertaining excerpts from Henty

(5 stars)

Entertaining excerpts from Henty. Whether you have read the whole novels or none of them, the excerpts are enjoyable. Enjoy!

Classic Henty

(5 stars)

Very enjoyable. And very adequately read, thanks!


(4 stars)

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