King Alfred of England

Read by Ryan Cherrick

(4.6 stars; 47 reviews)

The life and accomplishments of England's sole title holder of "The Great." King Alfred defended England from Viking invasions and ushered in an era of learning and progress for the British Isles. Summary by Ryan Cherrick. (5 hr 1 min)


Preface 1:36 Read by Ryan Cherrick
I. The Britons 23:36 Read by Ryan Cherrick
II. The Anglo-Saxons 27:00 Read by Ryan Cherrick
III. The Danes 20:56 Read by Ryan Cherrick
IV. Alfred's Early Years 22:20 Read by Ryan Cherrick
V. The State of England 23:06 Read by Ryan Cherrick
VI. Alfred's Accession to the Throne 21:23 Read by Ryan Cherrick
VII. Reverses 24:48 Read by Ryan Cherrick
VIII. The Seclusion 17:29 Read by Ryan Cherrick
IX. Reassembling of the Army 21:19 Read by Ryan Cherrick
X. The Victory over the Danes 21:57 Read by Ryan Cherrick
XI. The Reign 22:59 Read by Ryan Cherrick
XII. The Close of Life 19:03 Read by Ryan Cherrick
XIII. The Sequel 33:59 Read by Ryan Cherrick


Abbott's Histories Are Fantastic!

(5 stars)

I love Jacob Abbot's histories. They're told in a beautiful way and aren't infected with our day's politically correct garbage. This book is a fine example.

Great book

(4.5 stars)

I rally do love this book. Certainly, its style and direct manner of narration. The reading is a tiny little too Quick, but overall good.


(4.5 stars)

The book itself was the hardest of Abbotts to follow for me so far. But I do enjoy history. Thank you to the reader.

A great story

(5 stars)

truly a remarkable story. Alfred is such a notable figure in not only the story of England, but the whole world

(5 stars)

well read- great narrator. wonderful historical series. highly recommend all the makers of history Jacob Abbot books.

(4 stars)

It's good and all, just a bit hard to follow.

Supremacist and racist a little bit

(4 stars)

Decent story, and comments, with good background to Alfred's life. Incorrect about Egyptians being Caucasians and racist in saying the Caucasians are better. I am Caucasian, but I think the faith of a people determines their culture and faculties not genes. All are sinners in need of God's Grace...