Carmilla (Version 2)

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(4.1 stars; 11 reviews)

Laura grew up on a castle in the Austrian mountains with her father, slightly lonely as there are no potential companions around. Her loneliness is at an end when a carriage accindent close by their castle brings a mysterious visitor: Carmilla was injured in the accident, and remains at the castle to heal. But there is something dark about Carmilla. Is Laura in danger? - Summary by Carolin (3 hr 11 min)


Prologue 2:13 Read by ashleighjane
An Early Fright 11:58 Read by ashleighjane
A Guest 17:15 Read by ashleighjane
We Compare Notes 17:37 Read by ashleighjane
Her Habits - A Saunter 24:30 Read by ashleighjane
A Wonderful Likeness 9:13 Read by ashleighjane
A Very Strange Agony 10:17 Read by ashleighjane
Descending 13:07 Read by ashleighjane
Search 8:26 Read by ashleighjane
The Doctor 11:27 Read by ashleighjane
Bereaved 6:51 Read by ashleighjane
The Story 10:02 Read by ashleighjane
A Petition 10:12 Read by ashleighjane
The Woodman 10:49 Read by ToddHW
The Meeting 9:55 Read by ToddHW
Ordeal and Execution 8:31 Read by Kristine Bekere
Conclusion 8:59 Read by Theophania


Listen to the other version

(2 stars)

Listen to the other version recorded by Elizabeth Klett. While most readers for this version are decent I still had trouble getting into the story & staying with it. I tried more than once as it's rated so well on Goodreads. Luckily one reviewer mentioned the other Librivox recording. Why anyone at Librivox would waste time getting a 2nd version done when the 1st one is perfect, I don't know.

(5 stars)

A beautifully written novella with thinly disguised sexual undertones.