Prowling About Panama

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In 1903, Panama became a brand new state in Central America by seceding from Colombia in order to facilitate the construction of the Panama Canal, which was finished in 1914. This fledgling nation was home to the oldest inhabited European settlement on the American continent, a rich indigenous culture, and a splendid natural beauty from coast to jungle.

Such was the scene as found by George A. Miller as he was "Prowling about Panama" in 1919, an activity that is more a "getting lost in the right way" than systematic exploration. Follow the author on his prowls through an amazing country that at the time of writing was an exciting mixture of tradition and modernity. (Summary by Ava). (5 hr 18 min)


Foreword 3:11 Read by Jason in Panama
Where the Prowling is Good 17:02 Read by Jason in Panama
The Trail of the Pirates 19:01 Read by Katharina21
Picturesque Panama 19:35 Read by BettyB
A City of Ghosts 12:52 Read by Victoria Neely
The Spell of the Jungle 15:05 Read by Steven Seitel
Life at the Bottom 23:50 Read by Steven Seitel
The Interior 22:29 Read by Steven Seitel
Economic Waste 16:47 Read by Steven Seitel
Panama and Progress 24:28 Read by TheAwesome1568
Knowing Our Neighbors 25:36 Read by Johnny Wong
The Family Tree 18:45 Read by Alan Dove
Latin-American Heart 20:52 Read by Steven Seitel
The Caribbean World 28:36 Read by Steven Seitel
The Panama Canal 25:10 Read by Owlivia
Prowling into the Future 24:42 Read by SCvocals