The History of Genghis Khan

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(4.3 stars; 107 reviews)

This book provides the history of one of the most renowned emperors of all time. The Great Khan. This was a man born Temujin to a clan leader father who was later poisoned. The family was left unprotected and without power to fend for themselves on the Eurasian Steppe. Genghis later rose to power and founded the Mongol Empire, one of the largest in all of history. Despite his great achievement and ferocious reputation there is much we do not know of him, even what he looked like. Historians state that there is not a single portrait of the man that survives to the present day. All current renditions are done after his death by people who never knew him. His death is recorded and his entombment discussed...but all remains to be found. Summary by afutterer (7 hr 10 min)


Preface 1:41 Read by Deon Gines
Pastoral Life in Asia 12:12 Read by Deon Gines
The Monguls 24:38 Read by Deon Gines
Yezonkai Khan 12:58 Read by Deon Gines
The First Battle 20:06 Read by Deon Gines
Vang Khan 10:27 Read by THBosc
Temujin in Exile 12:33 Read by THBosc
Rupture with Vang Khan 17:36 Read by THBosc
Progress of the Quarrel 16:49 Read by Deon Gines
The Death of Vang Khan 13:34 Read by Deon Gines
The Death of Yemuka 17:51 Read by Deon Gines
Establishment of the Empire 18:46 Read by Deon Gines
Dominions of Genghis Khan 17:39 Read by Deon Gines
The Adventures of Prince Kushluk 14:18 Read by Deon Gines
Idikut 14:08 Read by Deon Gines
The Story of Hujaku 20:58 Read by Deon Gines
Conquests in China 21:57 Read by Deon Gines
The Sultan Mohammed 28:18 Read by Deon Gines
The War with the Sultan 10:54 Read by Deon Gines
The Fall of Bokhara 25:18 Read by Deon Gines
Battles and Sieges 20:43 Read by Deon Gines
Death of the Sultan 22:56 Read by Deon Gines
Victorious Campaigns 29:32 Read by Deon Gines
Grand Celebrations 16:05 Read by Deon Gines
Conclusion 8:37 Read by Deon Gines


Great story

(5 stars)

Awesome story, good narration. keeping in mind Jacob Abbott wrote this volume in the 19th century, his views on many subjects reflect the context and culture of his time.

(5 stars)

Interesting story of a very blood thirsty ruler and time in history; such cruelty and inhumanity. Life was cheap and people expendable.

A Good Introduction

(3 stars)

This book offers a good but brief introduction to Genghis Khan. Despite a Western view of his legacy and roughly a third of the book describing only his campaign in the Middle East, I would recommend this book to anyone that is starting from square 1.

(1.5 stars)

I think the book would have been better focusing on summarizing a lot of the details.

very informative (omitting preface & chs. 1 & 2)

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

This is a good book. Like it.👌

dryly written and awkwardly read, its stll an interesting tale

(3 stars)