The Three Midshipmen

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(4.2 stars; 18 reviews)

This is the start of a series of four books following three friends through their career in the navy. Terence, Jack and Alick first meet at a boarding school, and become fast friends, not least because together they stand up to the school bullies. Later, they join the navy together, and though they join different ships and are mostly apart, adventures involving sea battles, storms, and even pirates, have a way of allowing their paths to cross in order to look after one another as they did in school. - Summary by Carolin (17 hr 16 min)


Early Days 30:49 Read by EMBischoff
In the Mediterranean 34:01 Read by RonJ
Amongst the Greeks 29:53 Read by Gillian Hendrie
Alas, poor Paddy! 34:28 Read by RonJ
Roasting the Bully 40:16 Read by Jules Hawryluk
Paddy Adair, Hurrah! 41:33 Read by Jules Hawryluk
To save the Flag 41:48 Read by Jules Hawryluk
Bound for Africa 29:47 Read by Bob Dole
Wreck of the San Fernando 33:29 Read by tjp1421
Again United 30:16 Read by Don Will
Life on an African Cruiser 34:09 Read by Jules Hawryluk
Adventures on Shore 21:22 Read by tjp1421
To fight his Friends 42:00 Read by Jules Hawryluk
In the Negro Prison 29:10 Read by RonJ
In Search of Jack 25:42 Read by Peter John Keeble
A Flight for Life 29:44 Read by Peter John Keeble
Aboard the Prize 29:42 Read by Peter John Keeble
An adventurous Voyage 48:34 Read by Jules Hawryluk
In perilous Condition 42:35 Read by Jules Hawryluk
Slave-Hunting 29:40 Read by RonJ
Desperate Fighting 41:07 Read by Jules Hawryluk
Prisoners 40:03 Read by Jules Hawryluk
Bound for China 28:43 Read by Gillian Hendrie
Hot Fighting 20:20 Read by Jules Hawryluk
In desperate Condition 18:13 Read by johnb
Another fierce Conflict 19:49 Read by johnb
Chasing the Pirate Fleet 23:46 Read by Jules Hawryluk
The Midshipmen in Prison 26:25 Read by Jules Hawryluk
The Night Battle 23:00 Read by John
An Attempt at Escape 21:54 Read by Jules Hawryluk
On Board the Junk 26:17 Read by Jules Hawryluk
Fight to the Last! 15:47 Read by Oliver Walton
An old Acquaintance 23:41 Read by Jim Locke
Promoted 28:49 Read by Jules Hawryluk



(5 stars)

I enjoyed the book and wish it didnt have to end! readers are for the most part great, some need to be sped up some