A Father of Women and Other Poems

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Alice Meynell was an English essayist, critic, and poet who was also a leading suffragist, serving as vice-president of the Women Writers' Suffrage League, She and her husband Wilfrid Meynell were active in publishing and editing literary works including helping to launch the first works of Francis Thompson, author of "Hound of Heaven." The Meynell's converted to Roman Catholicism and many of the poems in this volume, published just five years before her death, reflect religious themes. - Summary by Larry Wilson (0 hr 25 min)


A Father of Women 2:05 Read by Eva Davis
Length of Days: To the Early Dead in Battle 1:50 Read by Nemo
Nurse Edith Cavell 1:04 Read by Sonia
Summer in England, 1914 1:53 Read by Sonia
To Tintoretto in Venice 2:31 Read by Sonia
A Thrush Before Dawn 1:50 Read by Sonia
The Two Shakespeare Tercentenaries 1:39 Read by Jason in Panama
To O, of her Dark Eyes 1:36 Read by Sonia
The Treasure 1:34 Read by Nemo
A Wind of Clear Weather in England 1:20 Read by Sonia
In Sleep 1:22 Read by Nemo
The Divine Privilege 1:33 Read by Sonia
Free Will 1:26 Read by Eva Davis
The Two Questions 1:48 Read by Sonia
The Lords Prayer 1:17 Read by Larry Wilson
Easter Night 1:01 Read by Larry Wilson