Abraham Lincoln: A History (Volume 6)

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(4.5 stars; 10 reviews)

Abraham Lincoln: A History is an 1890 ten-volume account of the life and times of Abraham Lincoln, written by John Nicolay and John Hay, who were his personal secretaries during the American Civil War. Volume 6 chronicles Lincoln's life in early 1862. (Summary adapted from wikipedia by Ann Boulais) (13 hr 47 min)


Pope's Virginia Campaign 47:25 Read by Jim Locke
Mexico 29:11 Read by MaryAnn
Diplomacy of 1862 29:01 Read by MaryAnn
Mediation Declined 35:39 Read by MaryAnn
Signs of the Times 43:25 Read by Jim Locke
Emancipation Proposed and Postponed 36:31 Read by Jim Locke
Antietam 26:16 Read by Jim Locke
Emancipation Announced 49:36 Read by Jim Locke
The Removal of McClelland 41:20 Read by Jim Locke
Fredericksburg 40:42 Read by Michael Fassio
Financial Measures 55:26 Read by Jim Locke
Seward and Chase 36:55 Read by Jim Locke
Perryville and Murfreesboro 40:48 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
West Virginia Admitted 32:31 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
Lincoln and the Churches 45:39 Read by MaryAnn
Military Governors 21:13 Read by Jim Locke
Colonization 24:56 Read by Jim Locke
Missouri Guerrillas and Politics 52:16 Read by Owen Cook
The Edict of Freedom 48:06 Read by Jim Locke
Negro Soldiers 55:47 Read by Jim Locke
Retaliation 34:32 Read by Jim Locke


Balanced Details

(4 stars)

A very good approach yet again. This book has a lot more of a government feel to it, though it does have some extensive details about battles. I really enjoyed it and I find I’m picking up more information here in there that I’ve never heard before. It’s going to have really good chapters as only going to speed up more as the war powers on as we move through 1863.

ExcellentA Treasure of Knowledge of the time and Customs

(5 stars)