Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship, or, the Naval Terror of the Seas

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(4.4 stars; 66 reviews)

Tom Swift is an inventor, and these are his adventures. The locale is the little town of Shopton in upstate New York, near Lake Carlopa. While some of Tom's inventions are not well-founded in a scientific sense, others elaborated developments in the news and in popular magazines aimed at young science and invention enthusiasts. Presenting themselves as a forecast of future possibilities, they now and then hit close to the mark. Some predicted inventions that came true include "photo telephones", vertical takeoff aircraft, aerial warships, giant cannons, and "wizard" cameras. However some other devices, such as magnetic silencers for motors, have not appeared yet. -adapted from Wikipedia by Karen Merline (4 hr 19 min)


TOM IS PUZZLED 9:46 Read by Anders Koskinen
A FIRE ALARM 9:55 Read by Anders Koskinen
A DESPERATE BATTLE 14:06 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
SUSPICIONS 11:17 Read by rachelellen
A QUEER STRANGER 12:36 Read by rachelellen
THE AERIAL WARSHIP 11:30 Read by Kevin McAsh
WARNINGS 11:30 Read by Kevin McAsh
A SUSPECTED PLOT 6:52 Read by Kevin McAsh
THE RECOIL CHECK 10:17 Read by Kevin McAsh
THE NEW MEN 9:49 Read by Kevin McAsh
A DAY OFF 17:20 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
A NIGHT ALARM 13:37 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
THE CAPTURE 8:09 Read by Kevin McAsh
THE FIRST FLIGHT 10:10 Read by Kevin McAsh
IN DANGER 10:19 Read by Kevin McAsh
TOM IS WORRIED 9:55 Read by Kevin McAsh
AN OCEAN FLIGHT 12:20 Read by Kevin McAsh
IN A STORM 10:17 Read by Kevin McAsh
QUEER HAPPENINGS 8:38 Read by Scott Sherris
THE STOWAWAYS 8:59 Read by Scott Sherris
PRISONERS 8:29 Read by Scott Sherris
APPREHENSIONS 8:10 Read by Scott Sherris
ACROSS THE SEA 6:54 Read by Scott Sherris
THE LIGHTNING BOLT 9:10 Read by Scott Sherris
FREEDOM 9:32 Read by Scott Sherris



(5 stars)

awesome book and great narration, I just wish that there were more books by this author there are well over 100 books between Victor Appleton and Victor Appleton II (Victor Appleton II however is actually various different authors) Here's the wiki link to the Tom Swift Jr page:,_Jr. The link to the main wiki entry for all of Tom Swift: Lastly the link to all of the Tom Swift books written including both public domain and non PD books: (yes this review is from my phone and the link's are .m. for ease the of those on tablets and phone's) Better than half of the series aren't in the public domain. However books #1-#25, and #39 of the original series are in PD, and a few others of the "Tom Swift Jr." series are also works in the PD

Good Story

(4 stars)

Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship Tom is an inventor. Like the other stories in the series this is an entertaining story. The story includes kidnapping and spies trying to steal one of Tom's inventions. The books in the series are relatively short and are good stories for youths.

(0.5 stars)

Some awful readers in this one. Not even able to understand some. Why do this with bad readers.

good book

(4.5 stars)

the very first reader gets very mixed, like faber and stuff like that

(4 stars)

great story. some readers hard to listen to but good

(4 stars)

well read a good junior adventure story