Love Poems and Others

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4 stars; 2 reviews)

This is a collection of poems by DH Lawrence. Most of the poems concern love and neighboring emotions, but some poems also concern other themes. - Summary by Carolin (1 hr 20 min)


Wedding Morn 2:28 Read by Melissa Perry
Kisses in the Train 1:30 Read by Peter Yearsley
Cruelty and Love 4:06 Read by Nemo
Cherry Robbers 0:58 Read by Tomas Peter
Lilies in the Fire 3:28 Read by Eva Davis
Coldness in Love 3:26 Read by Eva Davis
End of another Home-Holiday 4:09 Read by Melissa Perry
Reminder 2:20 Read by Tomas Peter
Bei Hennef 1:52 Read by Eva Davis
Lightning 2:10 Read by Peter Yearsley
Song-Day in Autumn 1:40 Read by Peter Yearsley
Aware 0:49 Read by Eva Davis
A Pang of Reminiscence 0:48 Read by Eva Davis
A White Blossom 0:47 Read by Eva Davis
Red Moon-Rise 3:12 Read by Tomas Peter
Return 0:49 Read by Melissa Perry
The Appeal 0:43 Read by Jack Allan
Repulsed 2:41 Read by Eva Davis
Dream-Confused 0:59 Read by Nemo
Corot 2:15 Read by Melissa Perry
Morning Work 0:49 Read by Tomas Peter
Transformations 2:36 Read by Melissa Perry
Renascence 1:47 Read by Tomas Peter
Dog-Tired 1:56 Read by Eva Davis
Michael-Angelo 1:24 Read by Larry Wilson
Violets 2:34 Read by Anne Fletcher
Whether or Not 12:22 Read by Anne Fletcher
A Collier’s Wife 3:11 Read by Anne Fletcher
The Drained Cup 4:38 Read by Anne Fletcher
The Schoolmaster 7:38 Read by Melissa Perry


D. H. Lawrence vs. his readers

(3 stars)

Inasmuch as Lawrence's poems are superb, some of these recordings are a bit either too awkward or pedantic and pompous. Some read it as prose, without any respect for verse end; others veer off to a more theatrical and melodramatic reading, sounding a bit artificial. Also, a few recordings are poorly made, with a lot of hissing and plosive sounds, which makes the listening experience a bit unpleasant. Still, the anthology itself is excellent and Eva Davis' delivery, for one, is great -- paused and heartfelt without soundind too stagy. I just wish that this book's entire perfomance was a bit more consistent and homogenous.