The Children

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Alice Meynell was an English essayist, critic, and poet who was also a leading suffragist, serving as vice-president of the Women Writers' Suffrage League, She and her husband Wilfrid Meynell were active in publishing and editing literary works including helping to launch the first works of Francis Thompson, author of "Hound of Heaven." This is a collection of her essays on children. The opening line for the first essay sets the stage. "To attend to a living child is to be baffled in your humour, disappointed of your pathos, and set freshly free from all the pre-occupations.  You cannot anticipate him." - Summary by Larry Wilson (1 hr 56 min)


Fellow Travellers with a Bird, I. 6:52 Read by Jim Locke
Fellow Travellers with a Bird, II. 7:28 Read by Jim Locke
Children in Midwinter 10:30 Read by Jim Locke
That Pretty Person 11:59 Read by Kathleen Moore
Out of Town 5:50 Read by Kathleen Moore
Expression 2:34 Read by Larry Wilson
Under the Early Stars 5:15 Read by Kate Follis
The Man with Two Heads 5:29 Read by April6090
Children in Burlesque 4:07 Read by April6090
Authorship 3:23 Read by Kalynda
Letters 3:16 Read by Kalynda
The Fields 6:26 Read by Kate Follis
The Barren Shore 8:05 Read by Kate Follis
The Boy 5:53 Read by Larry Wilson
Illness 3:51 Read by Jim Locke
The Young Child 8:42 Read by Jim Locke
Fair and Brown 7:16 Read by Jim Locke
Real Childhood 9:48 Read by Jim Locke