The Whispering Eye, A Black Hood Novel

Read by Scotty Smith

(4.4 stars; 37 reviews)

Hunted by the police ... framed for robbery and murder by the Eye, master fiend and vicious ruler of the underworld ... loathed by Barbara Sutton the girl who loves him ... the BLACK HOOD had to face the blazing purgatory of this murder master's guns to win back Barbara's love and clear himself of the framed charges (2 hr 37 min)


Rob And Kill 15:08 Read by Scotty Smith
Secret Traffic 17:33 Read by Scotty Smith
Haven Of The Hunted 9:40 Read by Scotty Smith
Live Steam 19:18 Read by Scotty Smith
The Brand Of Light 13:26 Read by Scotty Smith
The Lady In White 10:47 Read by Scotty Smith
The Trail Of The Beam 11:32 Read by Scotty Smith
The Forces Of Evil 11:28 Read by Scotty Smith
Alias, The Corpse 10:25 Read by Scotty Smith
'Stop, Murderer!' 7:59 Read by Scotty Smith
The Frame Complete 10:23 Read by Scotty Smith
Black Light 19:50 Read by Scotty Smith


very cool

(3.5 stars)

I wad never into comics, being 41, it was not popular in my childhood. that said, this shit is great ! kick ass, holding no punched. raw & blody. probably the reason it did not go far. to gruesome for soft American audiences. don't. get me wrong, I love this, the best country in the world. I simply see things as George Carlin did.

Arrestingly interesting :)

(4 stars)

Arrestingly interesting plot :) Extremely well narrated by Scotty Smith (kept in character of old time radio narrator) - terrific voice as well.

Professional reading

(5 stars)

It's a short solid criminal story. The reader did a fantastic job. He imitated the characters in the story very well! Great reading!

The Whispering Eye, A Black Hood Novel

(4.5 stars)

Fun light super hero yet mortal type yarn. Well read with multi character voices ... Thanks!