Eight Cousins

Read by Clarica

(4.6 stars; 396 reviews)

This is the story of Rose, a rich but lonely and sickly girl who has been recently orphaned and sent to live with her maiden aunts. When Rose's guardian, Uncle Alec, returns from abroad he takes over her care. Through his unorthodox theories about child-rearing and her exposure to the exploits of her seven male cousins and numerous aunts, Rose becomes happier and healthier, cured of many of her fears and prejudices. She also makes friends with Phebe, her aunts' maid of her own age, whose cheerful attitude in the face of poverty helps to illustrate to Rose her own good fortune. (7 hr 15 min)


Preface 1:06 Read by Clarica
Ch 1 - Two Girls 13:34 Read by Clarica
Ch 2 - The Clan 16:42 Read by Clarica
Ch 3 - The Uncles 19:47 Read by Clarica
Ch 4 - Aunts 14:41 Read by Clarica
Ch 5 - A Belt and a Box 17:22 Read by Clarica
Ch 6 - Uncle Alec's Room 17:42 Read by Clarica
Ch 7 - A Trip to China 17:01 Read by Clarica
Ch 8 - And what came of it 13:55 Read by Clarica
Ch 9 - Phebe's Secret 21:27 Read by Clarica
Ch 10 - Rose's Sacrifice 13:50 Read by Clarica
Ch 11 - Poor Mac 16:39 Read by Clarica
Ch 12 - "The Other Fellows" 17:28 Read by Clarica
Ch 13 - Cosey Corner 13:29 Read by Clarica
Ch 14 - A Happy Birthday 25:16 Read by Clarica
Ch 15 - Ear-Rings 20:43 Read by Clarica
Ch 16 - Bread and Button-holes 17:32 Read by Clarica
Ch 17 - Good Bargains 20:09 Read by Clarica
Ch 18 - Fashion and Physiology 19:17 Read by Clarica
Ch 19 - Brother Bones 16:17 Read by Clarica
Ch 20 - Under the Mistletoe 22:33 Read by Clarica
Ch 21 - A Scare 17:59 Read by Clarica
Ch 22 - Something to do 19:46 Read by Clarica
Ch 23 - Peace-Making 22:14 Read by Clarica
Ch 24 - Which? 18:48 Read by Clarica


(5 stars)

fantastic story! thank you, Clarica for reading it, and thank you for mentioning the sequel at the end! I was glad to know the story continues. :-)

Eight Cousins rocks

(5 stars)

I loved this sweet story, and the narrator did a fantastic job too. we'll done


(5 stars)

Incredible book and an amazing reader. Also thank you for mentioning the sequel at the end

Sweet story

(3 stars)

Great book. The reader's voice is fine, but the mispronunciation of several words (such as: row, whilst, and bosom) made me cringe.


(4 stars)

A good reader with a few misspelled words. I prefer more expression but she did a pretty good job.

(5 stars)

So sweet and delightful! Very uplifting and enjoyable 💚 would highly recommend it.

Holds Up Well

(4 stars)

I first read this book at age 11; I enjoyed it then, and I enjoy it now that I can multiply that age by six. The characters are well-drawn, the ratio of fun times to moral dilemmas is pretty even, and anyone who was going to die was polite enough to expire before the book began. The narrator has a nice clear voice, but she needs to look up the pronunciation of unfamiliar words before she records them.

such wholesomeness

(5 stars)

a wonderfully, uplifting story. my teen girls LOVED it. such lovely, quaint memories of what womanhood and manhood use to be like.... when life was wholesome and girls and boys had to invent their own fun and were so capable at doing so. highly recommend this book. read Rose in Bloom next.