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This is a volume of poetry by English poet Richard Middleton. While hardly known to readers anymore today, Middleton's poems, stories, and essays were all very highly regarded during his lifetime and after his untimely death, having won the admiration of many of his contemporary critics and writers whose fame endured longer than that of Middleton himself. A look into this volume of poetry should convince the reader or listener that Middleton's poetry certainly deserves much more attention than is currently given it. - Summary by Carolin (2 hr 25 min)


A Memory by Henry Savage 4:03 Read by Larry Wilson
In Memoriam 1:08 Read by Larry Wilson
Chant - Pagan 2:01 Read by Eva Davis
The bathing Boy 1:24 Read by Nemo
On a Dead Child 1:17 Read by Eva Davis
The Carol of the Poor Children 1:49 Read by Sandra Schmit
The Unknown Road 1:42 Read by Sonia
The Last Cruise 1:15 Read by Larry Wilson
The Song of the King's Minstrel 2:08 Read by Sandra Schmit
The Rebel 2:07 Read by Nemo
The Flower-Girl 1:10 Read by RecordingPerson
Lullaby 1:12 Read by B. Heath
Adrift 1:33 Read by Larry Wilson
To Lily 1:29 Read by RecordingPerson
The Glad Nights of Spring 2:06 Read by Nemo
To Dorothy 1:19 Read by RecordingPerson
To C. M. 2:05 Read by Nemo
Christine 1:12 Read by Nemo
To H. S. 1:34 Read by RecordingPerson
At the Gates 1:17 Read by Eva Davis
Under the Whip 1:14 Read by Nemo
The Ballad of the Bacchanals 2:27 Read by Sonia
The Pirate Ship 1:51 Read by Sonia
New Love 1:49 Read by Nemo
On a Dead Youth 1:43 Read by Eva Davis
To Irene 1:54 Read by Eva Davis
A Happy Cruise 1:36 Read by Eva Davis
Dust of Dreams 1:42 Read by Eva Davis
Tears 1:04 Read by Sonia
The Song of the Glad Woman 1:56 Read by Sonia
Autumnal 2:01 Read by Sonia
Dream Song 1:05 Read by B. Heath
For he had Great Possessions 2:53 Read by Nemo
Lament for Lilian 3:34 Read by Alex Inigo
Pagan Epitaph 1:41 Read by Eva Davis
Dawn-Love 2:33 Read by Eva Davis
Irene 2:42 Read by Eva Davis
One Summer's Day 1:55 Read by RecordingPerson
Love's Mortality 2:47 Read by Sonia
Any Lover, any Lass 1:33 Read by RecordingPerson
The Welcome 3:23 Read by Sonia
The Last Hope 0:57 Read by RecordingPerson
A. C. M. 1:15 Read by Sonia
Epithalamium 3:02 Read by Nemo
The Silent Lover 1:17 Read by Sonia
Love's Freedom 1:09 Read by Sonia
Last Year's Love 2:14 Read by Sonia
The Unsuccessful Lover 1:07 Read by RecordingPerson
The Dream 1:22 Read by Sonia
To Raie 1:33 Read by RecordingPerson
After Love 3:57 Read by Sonia
The Blind Cripple 2:22 Read by Melanie T
To them All 1:18 Read by RecordingPerson
The Artist 1:43 Read by Eva Davis
The Faithful Poet 0:50 Read by Larry Wilson
Regret 1:24 Read by RecordingPerson
Dorothy 1:40 Read by RecordingPerson
The New Dawn 1:42 Read by B. Heath
To E. M. D. 1:31 Read by RecordingPerson
To Time 0:42 Read by Eva Davis
The Dreamer Wakes 1:00 Read by B. Heath
The Dream that has no End 1:47 Read by Jude
The Boy-World 1:46 Read by Larry Wilson
Serenade 1:23 Read by Sonia
The Butterfly 2:42 Read by Sonia
Christine Revisited 1:15 Read by RecordingPerson
Nocturne 0:59 Read by Nemo
To Mélisande 1:26 Read by Patrick Saville
'In Forma Pauperis' 1:37 Read by Patrick Saville
One more Song 5:10 Read by Nemo
Drinking Song for Lovers 2:30 Read by Sonia
The Last Serenade 2:54 Read by Sonia
The Lass that Died of Love 2:13 Read by Sonia
The Ascetic's Love-Song 4:25 Read by Eva Davis
To an Idle Poet 4:25 Read by Larry Wilson
Envoi 1:35 Read by Sonia