The Phenomenology of Mind, Volume 1

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Phänomenologie des Geistes (1807) is Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel's most important and widely discussed philosophical work. Hegel's first book, it describes the three-stage dialectical life of Spirit. The title can be translated as either The Phenomenology of Spirit or The Phenomenology of Mind, because the German word Geist has both meanings.
Phenomenology was the basis of Hegel's later philosophy and marked a significant development in German idealism after Kant. Focusing on topics in metaphysics, epistemology, physics, ethics, history, religion, perception, consciousness, and political philosophy, The Phenomenology is where Hegel develops his concepts of dialectic (including the Master-slave dialectic), absolute idealism, ethical life, and Aufhebung. The book had a profound effect in Western philosophy, and "has been praised and blamed for the development of existentialism, communism, fascism, death of God theology, and historicist nihilism." - Summary by Wikipedia (13 hr 12 min)


Translator's Preface 42:00 Read by maurice
Preface part 1 31:15 Read by maurice
Preface part 2 33:19 Read by maurice
Preface part 3 32:28 Read by maurice
Preface part 4 24:50 Read by maurice
Introduction: Intention and Method of the Argument of the Phenomenology 27:57 Read by maurice
Chapter 1: Sense-certainty, or the this and "meaning" 25:57 Read by maurice
Chapter 2: Perception: or things and the deceptive-ness of perceptual experience 37:45 Read by maurice
Chapter 3: Force and Understanding: Appearance and the supersensible world; par… 26:39 Read by maurice
Chapter 3: Force and Understanding: Appearance and the supersensible world; par… 43:01 Read by maurice
Chapter 4: The true nature of self-certainty 24:26 Read by maurice
Chapter 4A: Independence and Dependence of Self-consciousness: Lordship and Bon… 26:36 Read by maurice
Chapter 4B: Freedom of Self-consciousness: Stoicism, Scepticism, and the Unhapp… 57:49 Read by maurice
Chapter 5A-a(1): Certainty and Truth of Reason; Observation as a mode of things… 47:33 Read by maurice
Chapter 5A-a(2): Observation of organic existence 29:25 Read by maurice
Chapter 5A-a(3): Observation of nature as an organic whole 40:24 Read by maurice
Chapter 5A-b: Logical and Psychological laws 16:25 Read by maurice
Chapter 5A-c: Physiognomy and Phrenology; part 1 28:02 Read by Foon
Chapter 5A-c: Physiognomy and Phrenology; part 2 42:31 Read by Foon
Chapter 5B: Realisation of Rational Self-Consciousness 20:30 Read by Foon
Chapter 5B-a: Pleasure and Necessity 12:48 Read by Foon
Chapter 5B-b: The Law of the Heart and the Frenzy of Self-conceit 20:15 Read by Foon
Chapter 5B-c: Virtue and the Course of the World 22:01 Read by Foon
Chapter 5C: Individuality, which takes Itself to be Real in and for Itself 6:34 Read by Foon
Chapter 5C-a: Society as a Herd of Individuals: Deceit: "Actual Fact" 43:05 Read by Foon
Chapter 5C-b: Reason as Lawgiver 12:54 Read by Foon
Chapter 5C-c: Reason as Testing Laws 16:02 Read by Foon



(5 stars)

I’m so glad they have this on audiobook. Some have complained about the reader for the first part of this book, but I actually like him.

narrator Maurice is pure mumble—someone else needs to re-record, this version c…

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narrator Maurice is pure mumble—someone else needs to re-record, this version creates negative value

(2.5 stars)

I think the person reads well but a bit too fast for so important a subject. The rabbit speed is not adjustable on my iPhone 8. Is there a way to slow the speed? Thank you

too fast.

(2 stars)

the reader seems like they're in a time trial. you hardly have a moment to absorb one sentence before the next starts.

(3 stars)

I could slow down the text on iPhone 10 (tortoise hair icon)Just appreciative volunteers made this available to me.

The book is great but i can not listen to this narrator's voice.

(3 stars)

it hurts my ears

(4 stars)

excellent reading, a most excellent philosophy text, a sidebar to the phenomenology of spirit.

very deep thoughts

(5 stars)

It left me a better person for reading it