'Tilda Jane's Orphans

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(4.5 stars; 28 reviews)

When the story of 'Tilda Jane appeared serially in The Youth's Companion in 1901, the original manuscript was very much condensed. When the time for book publication arrived nearly all the omitted matter was restored. However, some incidents were still left out, and they have formed the beginning of a new story written to please the many boys and girls who have expressed a wish to know something more of the fortunes of the orphan and her dogs.

That the orphan's old friends will follow with interest, her often groping and stumbling, yet never-wearying steps along the path of uplift for human beings and dumb creatures, is the earnest hope of the author. (Marshall Saunders - from the Prefatory Note) (8 hr 20 min)


Prefatory Note 2:02 Read by Kayli Ziervogel
Hank Has a Laughing Fit 17:48 Read by John
A Conflict of Wills 8:21 Read by John
What is the Matter with Grandpa? 19:01 Read by John
The Arrival of Milkweed 17:09 Read by John
'Tilda Jane's Mysterious Errand 13:39 Read by Kathleen Moore
A Call on the Lumber Merchant 18:08 Read by Kathleen Moore
His Only Son 17:11 Read by Dini Steyn
Mild Forgiveness 16:45 Read by Jeni McCann
An Unexpected Request 19:08 Read by John
The Moneyed Pup 14:39 Read by Ann K Harrill
More About the Pup 14:21 Read by Ann K Harrill
Grandpa's Drive 24:57 Read by John
Little Housetop 14:52 Read by Shana Burns
The Flight of a Wild Goose 17:06 Read by John
The Pursuit of the Goose 15:37 Read by John
A Tedious Waiting 23:03 Read by John
The Return of the Treasures 23:09 Read by John
Perletta's Pets 28:16 Read by Gloria Begemann
Grandpa's Dream 18:24 Read by Gloria Begemann
The Son of Muffles 17:02 Read by John
'Tilda Jane Receives a Shock 16:47 Read by Dini Steyn
Cousin Oonah Riley 16:19 Read by Jeni McCann
Perletta Puzzles Her Friends 25:29 Read by Gloria Begemann
Perletta Makes an Explanation 30:14 Read by Gloria Begemann
Hank Breaks Important News to Grandpa 21:58 Read by John
A Cottage of Gentility 15:18 Read by John
The Torraines 13:45 Read by John


Precious Story

(5 stars)

Great Readers, especially John. I Love this sweet story. Never a dull moment. Be sure and listen to the first story about Tilda Jane before this one. They are both very heart warming❤️

Sweet, Sentimental

(4 stars)

I enjoyed this turn-of-the-century story about a girl, her dogs, and the rag-tag family they create. Good showing of values and morals from Maine with humor and sweetness sprinkled in. Good job, readers!

Cute story

(4 stars)

Easy listening.. all readers did a good job albeit lots of pauses