The Broken Shaft: Tales in Mid-Ocean

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This special anthology, published in 1885, is formed of seven stories, together with an introductory chapter setting up a framing narrative by Henry Norman, which is returned to at the end of each subsequent tale. This connecting narrative concerns a group of travelers on a transatlantic crossing. When their ship, the Bavaria suffers a ‘broken shaft’, they are forced to remain becalmed mid-ocean, telling stories to pass the time. - Summary by Ann Boulais (5 hr 51 min)


On Board the Bavaria by Henry Norman 17:40 Read by tjp1421
The Upper Berth by F. Marion Crawford 1:01:33 Read by Patrick79
Markheim by Robert Louis Stevenson 49:19 Read by tjp1421
Marjory by F. Anstey 53:01 Read by Tom Penn
The Action to the Word by Walter Herries Pollock 27:57 Read by Ulrike Denis
My Fascinating Friend by William Archer 39:01 Read by tjp1421
Riley, M.P. by Tighe Hopkins 39:16 Read by inkbear
Love and Lightning by Henry Norman 1:03:31 Read by Ulrike Denis