The Cambridge Book of Poetry for Children

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

A collection of poems, many well-known or by famous writers for children, celebrating the joys of life for children and avoiding the all-too-common subject of death. Selected and edited by Kenneth Grahame. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (2 hr 17 min)


Preface 5:38 Read by Leonard Wilson
Merry are the Bells 1:18 Read by BettyB
Safe in Bed 0:28 Read by BettyB
Jenny Wren 0:41 Read by BettyB
Curly Locks 0:28 Read by BettyB
Pussy-Cat Mew 0:26 Read by BettyB
Draw a Pail of Water 0:26 Read by BettyB
I Saw a Ship A-Sailing 0:47 Read by BettyB
The Nut-Tree 0:33 Read by BettyB
My Maid Mary 0:31 Read by RecordingPerson
The Wind and the Fisherman 0:34 Read by RecordingPerson
Blow, Wind, Blow 0:28 Read by RecordingPerson
All Busy 0:26 Read by RecordingPerson
Winter Has Come 0:26 Read by Damla Ozdemir
Poor Robin 0:28 Read by Damla Ozdemir
I Have a Little Sister 0:34 Read by Damla Ozdemir
In Marble Walls 0:37 Read by RecordingPerson
The Moon by Eliza Lee Follen 0:51 Read by RecordingPerson
The Star by A. and J. Taylor 1:02 Read by RecordingPerson
Kitty by Mrs. E. Prentiss 1:19 Read by Leonard Wilson
Kitty: How to Treat Her 0:33 Read by Damla Ozdemir
Kitty: What She Thinks of Herself by W.B. Rands 0:41 Read by Damla Ozdemir
The Sea Shell by Amy Lowell 0:44 Read by Damla Ozdemir
The Cuckoo 0:34 Read by Damla Ozdemir
The Bird-Scarer's Song 0:28 Read by Damla Ozdemir
Cradle Song 0:41 Read by Damla Ozdemir
Good-Night! by A. and J. Taylor 0:56 Read by Phil Schempf
Daffodils by W. Shakespeare 0:28 Read by Leonard Wilson
To Daffodils by R. Herrick 1:10 Read by Leonard Wilson
Daffodils by W. Wordsworth 1:26 Read by Lynne T
The Months by Sara Coleridge 1:19 Read by BettyB
The Wind in a Frolic by William Howitt 3:01 Read by BettyB
The Four Sweet Months by R. Herrick 0:43 Read by BettyB
Glad Day by W.G. Robertson 1:17 Read by Phil Schempf
Buttercups and Daisies by Mary Howitt 0:50 Read by Damla Ozdemir
The Merry Month of March by W. Wordsworth 1:11 Read by Leonard Wilson
What the Birds Say by S.T. Coleridge 0:53 Read by Phil Schempf
Spring's Procession by Sydney Dobell 1:48 Read by Leonard Wilson
The Call of the Woods by W. Shakespeare 1:03 Read by Jude
A Prescription for a Spring Morning by John Davidson 1:16 Read by Vittoria Conn
The Country Faith by Norman Gale 0:49 Read by Jude
The Butterfly's Ball by W. Roscoe 4:00 Read by Leonard Wilson
A Wish by Samuel Rogers 1:10 Read by Vittoria Conn
Wishing by W. Allingham 1:09 Read by RecordingPerson
Bunches of Grapes by Walter Ramal 0:46 Read by RecordingPerson
Contentment by Eugene Field 2:30 Read by Leonard Wilson
The Land of Story-Books by R.L. Stevenson 1:22 Read by Damla Ozdemir
Sand Castles by W.G. Robertson 1:18 Read by Phil Schempf
Ring o' Roses by W.G. Robertson 1:04 Read by Damla Ozdemir
Wynken, Blynken and Nod by Eugene Field 2:26 Read by Leonard Wilson
The Drummer-Boy and the Shepherdess by W.B. Rands 1:21 Read by Leonard Wilson
The Land of Dreams by William Blake 1:17 Read by Leonard Wilson
Sweet and Low by Lord Tennyson 1:54 Read by Leonard Wilson
Cradle Song by Sir Walter Scott 1:21 Read by Leonard Wilson
Mother and I by Eugene Field 1:56 Read by Leonard Wilson
The Fairies by W. Allingham 2:10 Read by Patrick Saville
Shakespeare's Fairies by W. Shakespeare 3:52 Read by Patrick Saville
The Lavender Beds by W.B. Rands 1:32 Read by Patrick Saville
Farewell to the Fairies by Richard Corbet 1:54 Read by Patrick Saville
Death of Oberon by G.W. Thornbury 0:56 Read by Patrick Saville
Kilmeny by James Hogg 6:26 Read by Patrick Saville
A Boy's Song by James Hogg 1:12 Read by RecordingPerson
A Girl's Song by Thomas Moore 1:14 Read by RecordingPerson
Three Things to Remember by William Blake 0:44 Read by Leonard Wilson
The Knight of Bethlehem by H.N. Maugham 0:50 Read by Leonard Wilson
The Lamb by William Blake 1:27 Read by Leonard Wilson
The Tiger by William Blake 1:18 Read by Lynne T
I Had a Dove by J. Keats 0:50 Read by Damla Ozdemir
Robin Redbreast by W. Allingham 1:46 Read by Vittoria Conn
Black Bunny by W.B. Rands 2:05 Read by Vittoria Conn
The Cow by A. and J. Taylor 0:43 Read by Phil Schempf
The Skylark by James Hogg 1:20 Read by Vittoria Conn
Christmas Eve by John Davidson 1:55 Read by BettyB
A Christmas Carol by R. Herrick 1:39 Read by BettyB
A Child's Present by R. Herrick 1:12 Read by BettyB
The Peace-Giver by A.C. Swinburne 1:27 Read by Vittoria Conn
To a Singer by P.B. Shelley 1:42 Read by Vittoria Conn
The Happy Piper by William Blake 1:19 Read by Leonard Wilson
The Destruction of Sennacherib by Lord Byron 2:19 Read by Leonard Wilson
Sheridan's Ride by T. Buchanan Read 3:10 Read by Vittoria Conn
Columbus by Joaquin Miller 2:21 Read by Phil Schempf
Horatius by Lord Macaulay 26:54 Read by Leonard Wilson