Shapes and Shadows

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This is a volume of poetry by Madison Julius Cawein. This collection contains many examples of Cawein's own particular style of dreamy poetry, strongly characterised by references to mythology and romance. At the same time, there is no shortage of references to his native Kentucky. - Summary by Carolin (1 hr 31 min)


Under the Stars and Stripes 1:55 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Dedication 0:42 Read by Melanie T
The Evanescent Beautiful 1:24 Read by Melanie T
August 3:14 Read by tovarisch
The Higher Brotherhood 1:13 Read by Nemo
Gramarye 2:55 Read by Nemo
Dreams 1:37 Read by Nemo
The Old House 2:19 Read by Nemo
The Rock 2:19 Read by Nemo
Rain 1:45 Read by Nemo
Standing-Stone Creek 2:23 Read by Nemo
The Moonmen 4:46 Read by Nemo
The Old Man Dreams 1:44 Read by Nemo
Since Then 1:30 Read by Nemo
Comrades 2:19 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Waiting 1:21 Read by Ezwa
Contrasts 1:12 Read by Bruce Kachuk
In June 1:25 Read by Bruce Kachuk
After long Grief and Pain 1:30 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Can I forget? 1:14 Read by Ezwa
The House of Fear 1:25 Read by Nemo
At Dawn 0:58 Read by Nemo
Storm 0:57 Read by Nemo
Memories 1:12 Read by Ian King
Which 1:42 Read by PatsyAnn
Sunset in Autumn 2:22 Read by Ian King
The Legend of the Stone 4:23 Read by Nemo
Time and Death and Love 1:22 Read by Nemo
Passion 0:41 Read by tovarisch
When the Wine-Cup at the Lip 1:00 Read by tovarisch
Art 2:03 Read by Nemo
A Song for Old Age 1:19 Read by tovarisch
Tristram and Isolt 0:54 Read by Patrick Saville
The Better Lot 0:48 Read by Elizabeth P.
Dusk in the Woods 1:56 Read by Elizabeth P.
At the Ferry 1:26 Read by Elizabeth P.
Her Violin 2:01 Read by Ian King
Her Vesper Song 1:53 Read by Bruce Kachuk
At Parting 1:45 Read by Ezwa
Carissima Mea 2:41 Read by Ezwa
Margery 1:17 Read by PatsyAnn
Constance 1:49 Read by PatsyAnn
Gertrude 1:01 Read by Ezwa
Lydia 0:55 Read by Ian King
A Southern Girl 1:18 Read by Ezwa
A Daughter of the States 1:18 Read by Bruce Kachuk
An Autumn Night 1:30 Read by Ezwa
Lines 1:07 Read by tovarisch
The Blind God 1:09 Read by tovarisch
A Valentine 0:47 Read by tovarisch
A Catch 1:58 Read by tovarisch
The New Year 2:03 Read by tovarisch
Then and Now 1:14 Read by tovarisch
Epilogue 2:40 Read by Nemo