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In this 1916 work, Albert Payson Terhune introduces twelve immensely influential women, whose actions influenced world history. Terhune chooses well-known figures whose stories are as much myth as history, like Cleopatra and Helen of Troy, artists such as George Sand, and a number of ladies whose names are not so well-known today, because their work was not immediately visible to the uninitiated. All stories will be interested to the modern feminist, and each reader and listener should be able to find a personal heroine among these select twelve. - Summary by Carolin (7 hr 55 min)


Foreword 2:21 Read by BettyB
Lola Montez, the Dancer who kicked over a Throne 29:05 Read by aniroo
Ninon de L'Enclos, premiere Siren of two Centuries 36:24 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
Peg Woffington, Irish Heart Conjurer 32:31 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
Helen of Troy, Model for all the Sirens of the Centuries 47:51 Read by Linda Johnson
Madame Jumel, New York's first official Heart Breaker 45:48 Read by Linda Johnson
Adrienne Lecouvreur, the 'Actress Heart Queen' 37:17 Read by Linda Johnson
Cleopatra, 'the Serpent of old Nile' 41:24 Read by Linda Johnson
George Sand, the hopelessly ugly Siren 35:21 Read by Linda Johnson
Madame du Barry, the Seven-Million-Dollar Siren 44:17 Read by BettyB
'The most gorgeous Lady Blessington' 45:31 Read by Linda Johnson
Madame Recamier, the frozen-hearted Angel 37:16 Read by Linda Johnson
Lady Hamilton, Patron Saint of Dime-Novel Heroines 40:07 Read by Linda Johnson


heroic because of sexual conquests and

(5 stars)

writing ability which emphasis dates the book and limits the portrayal of women's influence to the bedroom and drawing room.portrayel of superheroine scientists, musicians, mathematicians is missing. book remains very interesting. research seems sound and includes human, entertaining and numerous anecdotes. worth listening to and mostly well read although pace sometimes ponderous.