Monte-Cristo's Daughter

Read by Jim Locke

(3.6 stars; 24 reviews)

"Monte-Cristo's Daughter," a wonderfully brilliant, original, exciting and absorbing novel, is the Sequel to "The Count of Monte-Cristo," Alexander Dumas' masterwork, and the continuation and conclusion of that great romance, "Edmond Dantès." It possesses rare power, unflagging interest and an intricate plot that for constructive skill and efficient development stands unrivalled. Zuleika, the beautiful daughter of Monte-Cristo and Haydée, is the heroine, and her suitor, the Viscount Giovanni Massetti, an ardent, impetuous young Roman, the hero. The latter, through a flirtation with a pretty flower-girl, Annunziata Solara, becomes involved in a maze of suspicion that points to him as an abductor and an assassin, causes his separation from Zuleika and converts him into a maniac. The straightening out of these tangled complications constitutes the main theme of the thrilling book. The novel abounds in ardent love scenes and stirring adventures. The Count of Monte-Cristo figures largely in it, and numerous Monte-Cristo characters are introduced. (9 hr 37 min)


Monte-Cristo and the Prima Donna 18:36 Read by Jim Locke
A Strangely Sent Epistle 18:36 Read by Jim Locke
The Intruder in the Convent Garden 17:20 Read by Jim Locke
A Stormy Interview 18:31 Read by Jim Locke
Annunziata Solara 17:45 Read by Jim Locke
The Power of a Name 16:02 Read by Jim Locke
In the Peasant's Hut 16:11 Read by Jim Locke
A Sylvan Idyll 19:57 Read by Jim Locke
The Abduction 28:15 Read by Jim Locke
The Countess of Monte-Cristo 20:41 Read by Jim Locke
The Beggar and his Mates 23:14 Read by Jim Locke
Father and Daughter 15:31 Read by Jim Locke
Morcerf's Adventure 31:21 Read by Jim Locke
Zuleika and Mme. Morel 21:33 Read by Jim Locke
An Unexpected Meeting 18:49 Read by Jim Locke
Amid the Colosseum's Ruins 21:05 Read by Jim Locke
Peppino's Story 17:14 Read by Jim Locke
More of Peppino's Story 16:15 Read by Jim Locke
The Maniac of the Colosseum 16:07 Read by Jim Locke
The Isle of Monte-Cristo 27:17 Read by Jim Locke
Zuleika Learns the Truth 18:20 Read by Jim Locke
The Wondrous Physician 17:52 Read by Jim Locke
A Modern Miracle 16:16 Read by Jim Locke
A Desperate Encounter 17:20 Read by Jim Locke
A Visit to the Refuge 16:15 Read by Jim Locke
Vampa and Monte-Cristo 15:32 Read by Jim Locke
The Bandit's Reprisals 14:51 Read by Jim Locke
The Raid on the Bandits 14:58 Read by Jim Locke
Vampa's Trial 29:19 Read by Jim Locke
Joy Unbounded 16:09 Read by Jim Locke



(5 stars)

I am of the opinion that this "sequel" is an extremely good one. It is a virtually impossible task to please the reading public when attempting the follow a great story written by a great author (I point to the piece of claptrap claiming to be a sequel to Gone With The Wind as a prime example). FLAGG has done a fine job in basically retaining the atmosphere of the original, while furnishing an interesting narrative. Certainly Monte Cristo was altered (Dumas probably would not have restored Mercedes) a bit, but not too much as to make him a caricature. I also regret the many unkind statements directed at the reader. He does have a unique style, but a chapter or two should allow anyone to adjust to it; he is perfectly understandable, while his pace is good; and he never gets in the way of the story. Thanks for the effort.

Just ok

(2.5 stars)

As sequels to classics go, this was on par for the course - not terrible, but far from great. Kudos to the author for braving the immense task of following up a literary genius, and I appreciated that his take on the characters stayed fairly true to the originals for the most part. Where they did deviate, as in Eugenie's inexplicable reverse in marrying Albert, it at least had no serious impact to the story. Convenient, yet unexplained, plot devices aside (never get details of what Count Misetti did to old Pasqual to make him hate him), this light adventure was still enjoyable. Recording could be better. It was like he was trying to get thru it as fast as possible, which made for difficult hearing; but in my head I was hearing the sweet tones of David Clarke (who reads the original Dumas Monte Cristo) and that helped!


(1 stars)

the story might well been fairly good but it was difficult if not impossible to fully discern how good the story was. The narrator was woefully inadequate. he seriously was a monotone in his presentation. Here ran sentences together incessantly. he also butchered the French names of people in places. I noticed he narrated other books that may have been of Interest but I dare not try to listen to him read again.


(1 stars)

I couldn't even get past the first chapter. I appreciate the time given by volunteers as without them we would not be able to listen to these wonderful works. However what is the point of recording anything in a way that means it can't be borne for more than a few minutes. Please Librivox think of the listeners as well as the readers. Dull monotonous voices detract from the literary experience.


(1 stars)

Something is wrong here. There are two sequels and they are both written by a different Author. I think these "Sequels" are fakes. Don't listen too this book. It doesn't make sense.

Excellent book!

(5 stars)

Sometimes the speaker whistles through their teeth when they talk. the contrast to their deep voice is hard to manage volume. However, the book is excellent!