Stories of Starland

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(4.8 stars; 3 reviews)

Henry asks his sister Mary about the sky. She tells him all about the Sun, the Planets, the Moon, Comets and Meteors, and Stars. Mary tells her brother about mythologies people believed about the earth and sky along with true scientific information. (Summary by pjcsaville) (2 hr 34 min)


Preface 3:31 Read by Patrick Saville
The Story of Giant Sun 21:54 Read by Patrick Saville
The Family of Giant Sun 11:28 Read by Marta A
A Ramble on the Moon 16:10 Read by Marta A
The Planet Mars and the Baby Planets 11:11 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Story of Jupiter and His Moons 14:14 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Giant Planets 8:47 Read by Pinchcliff
Comets and Meteors 9:16 Read by Pinchcliff
Stories of the Summer Stars 25:36 Read by Marta A
Stories of the Winter Stars 26:55 Read by Marta A
God Bless the Star 5:48 Read by Marta A


(5 stars)

What a nice little gem of a book. Highly recommended!

(4.5 stars)

Fun. Made me feel like a kid