The Camp Fire Girls at Sunrise Hill

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(4.1 stars; 5 reviews)

Betty Ashton is so very bored! She is in her home, wanting something interesting to do, when she meets her new companion, Esther Clark. Esther has just arrived at the request of Mrs Ashton, to live with Betty and to help her in whatever way she needs. When the idea of becoming Camp Fire Girls is brought up by Esther, both their lives will change for the better. Adventure awaits! (Ann Boulais) (5 hr 39 min)


The Voice 19:51 Read by Debbie R. Baker Robinson
'Methinks You are My Glass' 16:29 Read by Debbie R. Baker Robinson
'Work, Health and Love' 17:17 Read by Kathleen Moore
'Meg' 9:49 Read by Kathleen Moore
Their First Meeting 11:43 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Law of the Camp Fire 12:35 Read by Kathleen Moore
White Clouds 27:55 Read by Shasta
Other Girls 20:09 Read by Shasta
The Guardian 27:01 Read by Shasta
Pipes of Peace 18:30 Read by Shasta
Under the Rose Moon 11:16 Read by Suhail
Nan 23:10 Read by Shasta
'Nobody Wants to be Done Good to' 17:33 Read by Shasta
Surprising the Camp 11:51 Read by James K. White
A Warning 17:00 Read by larryhayes7
Learning to Keep Step 11:11 Read by James K. White
The Suspicion 16:33 Read by larryhayes7
One Way to Find Out 7:12 Read by BettyB
The Disappearance 15:01 Read by Shasta
'Polly' 11:04 Read by BettyB
The End of Summer Camp 16:39 Read by Shasta


(4.5 stars)

This series is a favorite I keep coming back to.