The Voyage of the Beagle

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(4.5 stars; 57 reviews)

The book, also known as Darwin's Journal of Researches, is a vivid and exciting travel memoir as well as a detailed scientific field journal covering biology, geology, and anthropology that demonstrates Darwin's keen powers of observation, written at a time when Western Europeans were still discovering and exploring much of the rest of the world. Although Darwin revisited some areas during the expedition, for clarity the chapters of the book are ordered by reference to places and locations rather than chronologically. With hindsight, ideas which Darwin would later develop into his theory of evolution by natural selection are hinted at in his notes and in the book (Summary from Wikipedia) (21 hr 50 min)


00 - Preface 4:47 Read by Roger Turnau
01-1 - St. Jago and Cape De Verd Islands 28:25 Read by Scott Robbins
01-2 - St. Jago and Cape De Verd Islands 19:15 Read by Scott Robbins
02-1 - Rio de Janeiro 27:10 Read by Scott Robbins
02-2 - Rio de Janeiro 28:30 Read by Scott Robbins
03-1 - Maldonado 31:51 Read by Roger Turnau
03-2 - Maldonado 29:46 Read by Roger Turnau
04-1 - Rio Negro to Bahia Blanca 22:47 Read by Leon Mire
04-2 - Rio Negro to Bahia Blanca 23:23 Read by Leon Mire
05-1 - Bahia Blanca 32:15 Read by Roger Turnau
05-2 - Bahia Blanca 31:31 Read by Roger Turnau
06-1 - Bahia Blanca to Buenos Ayres 23:53 Read by Gilles Lehoux
06-2 - Bahia Blanca to Buenos Ayres 24:53 Read by Catharine Eastman
07-1 - Buenos Ayres and St. Fe 22:15 Read by J. M. Smallheer
07-2 - Buenos Ayres and St. Fe 21:59 Read by J. M. Smallheer
08-1 - Banda Oriental and Patagonia 30:13 Read by M.C.Y.
08-2 - Banda Oriental and Patagonia 32:41 Read by Claude Banta
08-3 - Banda Oriental and Patagonia 30:30 Read by Claude Banta
09-1 - Santa Cruz, Patagonia, and the Falkland Islands 30:29 Read by Claude Banta
09-2 - Santa Cruz, Patagonia, and the Falkland Islands 44:09 Read by Shubda
10-1 - Tierra del Fuego 30:04 Read by Rob Whelan
10-2 - Tierra del Fuego 32:30 Read by Rob Whelan
11-1 - Strait of Magellan and Climate of the Southern Coasts 29:46 Read by Anna Simon
11-2 - Strait of Magellan and Climate of the Southern Coasts 25:45 Read by Anna Simon
12-1 - Central Chile 23:58 Read by Zachary Brewster-Geisz
12-2 - Central Chile 28:21 Read by Zachary Brewster-Geisz
13-1 - Chiloe and Chonos Islands 19:24 Read by Arouet
13-2 - Chiloe and Chonos Islands 23:23 Read by Arouet
14-1 - Chiloe and Concepcion: Great Earthquake 26:09 Read by Anna Simon
14-2 - Chiloe and Concepcion: Great Earthquake 27:01 Read by Anna Simon
15-1 - Passage of the Cordillera 27:58 Read by Gavin Smith
15-2 - Passage of the Cordillera 29:41 Read by Gavin Smith
16-1 - Northern Chile and Peru 28:21 Read by Karen Savage
16-2 - Northern Chile and Peru 27:24 Read by Karen Savage
16-3 - Northern Chile and Peru 25:46 Read by Karen Savage
17-1 - Galapagos Archipelago 28:11 Read by Lizzie Driver
17-2 - Galapagos Archipelago 32:25 Read by Lizzie Driver
17-3 - Galapagos Archipelago 26:17 Read by Lizzie Driver
18-1 - Tahiti and New Zealand 22:58 Read by Laurie Anne Walden
18-2 - Tahiti and New Zealand 29:40 Read by Chris Chapman
18-3 - Tahiti and New Zealand 26:02 Read by Carol Goode
19-1 - Australia 38:09 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
19-2 - Australia 31:00 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
20-1 - Keeling Island: Coral Formations 23:43 Read by Joseph Ugoretz
20-2 - Keeling Island: Coral Formations 26:50 Read by Joseph Ugoretz
20-3 - Keeling Island: Coral Formations 22:00 Read by Joseph Ugoretz
21-1 - Mauritius to England 29:08 Read by Zachary Brewster-Geisz
21-2 - Mauritius to England 27:47 Read by Zachary Brewster-Geisz



(5 stars)

I would never have read this book in a million years if it wasn't an audiobook. It's a fascinating account of discovery and science in a different era to our modern times and values.Darwin and his Entourage were incredibly brave and suffered significant hardships in the pursuit of understanding and knowledge. These are not always the attributes I impress upon a man who I imagine sitting in the Royal Geographic Society in London with his books. the many readers of these chapters brought life and interest to this otherwise rather dry subject. I do recommend this book to anybody with an interest in history or natural sciences.

(5 stars)

Wonderful text. Poor pronunciation by several readers was a little annoying but to hear the voice of a young Darwin made it well worth the time. In the absence of maps I found it useful to follow the text with an atlas and Google Earth.

(3 stars)

Mostly clear recording and good narration, other than the usual butchering of some technical terms. Some chapters though are very bad. A very interesting travelogue style narrative, not what I was expecting.

1830s travel log

(4.5 stars)

Great travel log from the 1830s, found it very entertaining to hear about a different time of sailing around the world, true exploration.

well read

(5 stars)

the readers were generally very good