Half Hours With the Lower Animals

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(4.8 stars; 4 reviews)

This book is devoted to the study of invertebrate animals. While most people associate the word "animal" with fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals, 90% of the animal species on earth are invertebrates, i.e., they have no backbone. Protozoans and invertebrate animals are found world-wide, from the bottom of the oceans to the the rain forests, ice caves, and our own back yards. Many invertebrates still reside in the oceans, while others dwell in our houses, back yards and gardens, in ponds and streams, and on the menus in seafood restaurants. Holders's book represents a traversal of several dozen familiar and not-so-familiar animals without backbones whose ancestors date back to the Cambrian period 500 million years ago. (Summary by Jefferey Smith) (5 hr 8 min)


Preface 4:12 Read by Dale Latham
Inhabitants of a Drop of Water 15:10 Read by Availle
The Sponges 10:49 Read by Jeffery
The Jellyfishes 18:43 Read by Jeffery
The Sea Anemones 11:24 Read by Jeffery
The Corals 14:22 Read by Devorah Allen
The Stone Lilies 4:43 Read by Devorah Allen
The Stars of the Sea 4:24 Read by Devorah Allen
Ocean Hedgehogs 4:49 Read by Dale Latham
The Sea Cucumber 4:48 Read by Dale Latham
The Worms 20:18 Read by Dale Latham
The Two-Valved Shells 23:06 Read by Jeffery
The Univalves 21:26 Read by Jeffery
The Cuttlefishes 19:12 Read by Jeffery
The Crustaceans 4:37 Read by jyshrout
From Barnacles to Lobsters 9:40 Read by jyshrout
The Crabs 12:47 Read by jyshrout
Luminous Crabs 4:20 Read by jyshrout
The Insects 5:36 Read by Elizabeth P.
Lower Forms of Insects 5:23 Read by Elizabeth P.
The Spiders 16:13 Read by Jeffery
Some Six-Legged Insects 11:56 Read by Jeffery
Some Mimics 7:38 Read by Jeffery
The Grasshoppers and Locusts 10:21 Read by Jeffery
The Beetles 6:26 Read by Jeffery
The Bugs 7:24 Read by Jeffery
Flies and Mosquitoes 9:42 Read by Jeffery
The Butterflies and Moths 7:12 Read by jyshrout
The Ants 5:37 Read by jyshrout
The Bees and Wasps 6:02 Read by jyshrout