All Along The River

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(4.2 stars; 38 reviews)

Isola Disney is very lonely. Her husband left her and traveled with his regiment to India. No one knows when he would return. Alone in a remote part of the country, she is an easy prey for the local nobleman. This realistic novel tells about choices and their consiquences. Perfect for fans of Mary Elizabeth Braddon's other works, and Madame Bovary. - Summary by Stav Nisser. (13 hr 25 min)


The Rain Set Early in Tonight 40:19 Read by Jim Locke
But the Days Drop One by One 36:59 Read by Jim Locke
Oh Moment One And Infinite! 38:36 Read by Jim Locke
Dreaming, She Knew It Was a Dream 25:15 Read by Jim Locke
And The Child-Cheek Blushing Scarlet For The Very Shame Of Bliss 31:13 Read by Jim Locke
A Love Still Burning Upward 42:44 Read by Jim Locke
Look Through Mine Eyes With Thine, True Wife 19:38 Read by Jim Locke
My Frolic Falcon, With Bright Eyes 36:25 Read by Jim Locke
Lies Nothing Buried Long Ago? 24:43 Read by Jim Locke
Of The Weak My Heart Is Weakest 43:26 Read by Jim Locke
Where The Cold Sea Raves 27:16 Read by Jim Locke
Far, Too Far Off For Thought Or Any Prayer 14:54 Read by Jim Locke
Under The Pine-Wood, Blind With Boughs 28:23 Read by Jim Locke
Say The False Charge Was True 40:55 Read by Jim Locke
My Life Continues Yours, And Your Life Mine 26:53 Read by Jim Locke
Sorrow That's Deeper Than We Dream, Perchance 11:40 Read by jenno
The Year Of The Rose Is Brief 13:00 Read by jenno
No Sudden Fancy Of An Ardent Boy 33:45 Read by jenno
I Have You Still, The Sun Comes Out Again 21:40 Read by jenno
Thou Paradise Of Exiles, Italy 27:48 Read by jenno
The Woods Are Round Us, Heaped And Dim 19:04 Read by jenno
Ecco Roma 18:10 Read by jenno
Seek Shelter In The Shadow Of The Tomb 30:43 Read by jenno
Oh Old Thoughts, They Cling, They Cling 13:37 Read by jenno
We'll Bind You Fast In Silken Cords 20:47 Read by jenno
So, Full Content Shall Henceforth Be My Lot 24:14 Read by jenno
Gone Deeper Than All Plummets Sound 24:12 Read by jenno
Though Love And Life And Death Should Come And Go 40:16 Read by jenno
I, You and God Can Comprehend Each Other 28:32 Read by jenno



(5 stars)

Morality versus instinct carries this tale of love. Mary Elizabeth Braddon's delicate paintbrush enlightens the characters and ways of people and enlivens the places and nature of West Country England and of Italy. Beautiful writing. It describes them as true in our 21st century as in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

A Sad one...

(4 stars)

A sad one,but atleast Ursula finds peace Having read some of Elizabeths other works,I at first found this a bit dreary and slow,but its quite interesting in a way

(5 stars)

This has to be the most passionate love story ever written. It was great! And thank you to the wonderful narrator!


(5 stars)

Excellent reader with a well developed timeless plot of youth ,innocence , and lives destroyed