The Untroubled Mind (Version 2)

Read by Phil Chenevert

(4.2 stars; 36 reviews)

Our own minds cause us great pain through worry, fear and anxiety. We all know this, but how to stop the whirling, spinning wheel inside our heads? How to calm our racing thoughts and reach a truly untroubled mind? This medical doctor shares his wisdom about this gathered in years of practice and research. It is well worth listening to."When a man tells me he never worries, I am inclined to think that he is either deceiving himself or trying to deceive me. The great roots of worry are conscience, fear, and regret. Undoubtedly we ought to be conscientious and we ought to fear and regret evil. But if it is to be better than an impediment and a harm, our worry must be largely unconscious, and intuitive. The moment we become conscious of worry we are undone.... The remedy for the mental unrest, which is in itself an illness, lies not in an enlightened knowledge of the harmfulness and ineffectiveness of worry, not even in the acquirement of an unconscious conscience, but in the living of a life so full and good that worry cannot find place in it." - Summary by the author (1 hr 50 min)


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Don't bother

(1 stars)

The book itself is utter bogus. A lot of claims, but not based on anything but wishful thinking and stubbornness. The recording is not bad. Not my style, but if it's yours it's not a burden to listen to. Too bad the story is hopelessly unsalvageable.