Some Haunted Houses of England and Wales

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(4.4 stars; 35 reviews)

Old buildings necessarily have a history. It is not always a happy history and folklore abounds. Sometimes unhappy souls come back to haunt the current residents or their guests. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these narratives provide a fascinating insight into the history of the buildings and the hysteria they may induce. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (5 hr 21 min)


Preface 1:56 Read by Lynne T
The Green Bank Hotel, Bardsley 11:27 Read by John
No.-- Southgate Street, Bristol 20:42 Read by Dan Gurzynski
Mulready Villa, Near Basingstoke 28:33 Read by Dan Gurzynski
No.-- Park Street, Bath 18:01 Read by Lynne T
The Minery, Devon 11:05 Read by Mike Pelton
Thurlow Hall, Near Exeter 23:50 Read by James K. White
The Guilsborough Ghost 37:27 Read by Lynne T
Wolsey Abbey, Near Gloucester 15:55 Read by John
No. XYZ Euston Road, London 11:43 Read by Larry Wilson
Burle Farm, North Devon 14:42 Read by jblankenship83
Panmaur Hollow, Merioneth 9:42 Read by Mike Pelton
Catchfield Hall, The Midlands 39:20 Read by Mike Pelton
Carne House, Near Northampton 20:58 Read by Mike Pelton
Harley House, Portishead 9:51 Read by Don Nash
The Way Meadow, Somerset 19:10 Read by jblankenship83
No.-- Hackham Terrace, Swindon 8:54 Read by Mike Pelton
Appendix to Hackham Terrace, The Screaming Woman of Tehiddy 9:54 Read by Mike Pelton
Park House, Westminster 7:57 Read by John


(4 stars)

Well done. different stories read by different readers. Some stories drag one in. It's nice when they tell the history of the hauntings.