The Wild Huntress

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(4.7 stars; 11 reviews)

Marian and Lilian are two sisters living in the backwoods, somewhere in America, with their father as squatters. One May morning a man shows up, wanting to take Marian away as his wife while he makes his mark with the Mormons. But, another man holds Marian's heart, and he will go on his own adventure through the American west to track her down. (Summary by Ann Boulais) (18 hr 21 min)


The Squatter's Clearing 18:21 Read by Shasta
Marian and Lilian 13:00 Read by Sylviamb
The Lovers' Rendezvous 12:29 Read by Sylviamb
The Catastrophe of a Kiss 8:40 Read by Sylviamb
Squatter and Saint 8:39 Read by Sylviamb
An Apostolic Effort 10:41 Read by Sylviamb
The Mormon's Demand 9:04 Read by Sylviamb
A Splendid Pension 11:08 Read by Shasta
Friendly Advice 7:22 Read by Sylviamb
A Classic Land 10:45 Read by Shasta
The 'Jackson Hotel' 8:07 Read by Sylviamb
Colonel Kipp 7:15 Read by Sylviamb
Through the Forest 9:01 Read by Sylviamb
Su-Wa-Nee 12:05 Read by Sylviamb
Making a Clean Breast of It 12:01 Read by Sylviamb
A Predicament in Prospect 9:57 Read by Sylviamb
The Indian Summer 8:59 Read by Sylviamb
A Backwoods Venus 9:08 Read by Sylviamb
A Series of Contre-Temps 11:38 Read by Sylviamb
Sweet and Bitter 6:00 Read by Sylviamb
A Rude Response 7:11 Read by Sylviamb
A Rough Reception 11:08 Read by Sylviamb
A Duel Without Seconds 8:38 Read by Sylviamb
Waiting the Words 6:46 Read by Sylviamb
The Duel Delayed 8:00 Read by Sylviamb
The Peacemaker 7:56 Read by Sylviamb
Yes-Yes! 14:47 Read by John
An Errand of Love 8:53 Read by John
A Red-Skinned Sibyl 9:15 Read by John
A Storm Without and Within 9:04 Read by John
A Virgin Heart in Cypher 8:02 Read by Sylviamb
A Word With Mormon Monsters 8:53 Read by Sylviamb
Another Duel Determined On 8:54 Read by Sylviamb
A Departure in a 'Dug-Out' 6:29 Read by Megan Lam
A Dangerous Sweetheart 6:24 Read by Megan Lam
The Horologe of the Dead Horse 8:54 Read by Sylviamb
A Lookout From Aloft 6:33 Read by Sylviamb
The White Fog 6:01 Read by Sylviamb
The Promised Epistle 9:38 Read by Sylviamb
The Caravan 11:05 Read by timli
An Un-Prairie-Like Apparition 12:16 Read by timli
A Foot of Thirteen Inches 8:02 Read by Sylviamb
Tracking the Trundle 5:40 Read by Sylviamb
A Brace of 'Old Sojers' 7:06 Read by Sylviamb
The Barrow in Debate 8:22 Read by Sylviamb
A Tough Story 9:46 Read by Sylviamb
The Mountain Parks 11:08 Read by Sylviamb
The Abandoned Bouquet 8:39 Read by Shasta
An Unexpected Appearance 10:37 Read by Shasta
Up the Cañon 12:02 Read by Shasta
The Orphan Butte 10:26 Read by annabellesmith
Raising a Rampart 12:51 Read by annabellesmith
The War-Cry 8:03 Read by John
The Red-Hand 10:34 Read by John
An Ill-Timed Shot 10:44 Read by John
Attempt to Stampede 12:11 Read by Shasta
Our Weak Point 12:04 Read by Shasta
A Rampart on Wheels 9:48 Read by Shasta
The Assault 10:07 Read by Shasta
A Captive on a Crucifix 11:36 Read by Shasta
The Mysterious Circle 7:34 Read by John
A Savage Artist 11:32 Read by John
A Pitiless Pastime 12:29 Read by John
A Hundred Deaths 10:34 Read by John
A Sharp Shot 10:57 Read by John
The Chase and the Syncope 5:39 Read by T. Lowe
Pass by the Pursuit 6:50 Read by T. Lowe
The Track of the Moccasin 6:15 Read by T. Lowe
A Rival Stalker 7:09 Read by T. Lowe
The Wild Huntress 8:51 Read by T. Lowe
A Queer Conversation 8:50 Read by girix8
Wa-Ka-Ra 7:05 Read by girix8
Peg-Leg 9:04 Read by Kathleen Moore
A Beautiful Hostess 7:22 Read by Kathleen Moore
Effecting the Surround 10:38 Read by Kathleen Moore
The History of the Huntress 10:30 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Surprise 14:23 Read by John
The Charge 9:42 Read by Shasta
Tragic and Comic 17:38 Read by Shasta
Spiritual Wives 16:08 Read by Shasta
The Death-Song 11:32 Read by Shasta
Maranee 9:08 Read by Shasta
Old Memories Awakened 12:04 Read by Shasta
Playing Confessor 7:39 Read by Shasta
Further Reflections 12:30 Read by Shasta
A True Tigress 11:40 Read by Shasta
Suspicious Appearances 7:53 Read by John
A Fresh Éclaircissement 8:17 Read by Janis Hopkins Salmon
Planning an Abduction 12:02 Read by Janis Hopkins Salmon
Protector and Protégée 8:16 Read by Janis Hopkins Salmon
The Night-Camp 13:01 Read by Janis Hopkins Salmon
Gabriella Gonzales 10:57 Read by Janis Hopkins Salmon
A Bloody Bridal 9:52 Read by fshort
A Rough Drag 13:45 Read by John
Assuming the Disguise 8:27 Read by John
The Mormon Train 15:38 Read by Shasta
The Corralled Camp 15:04 Read by Shasta
Beauty Embrowned 14:50 Read by Shasta
The Yellow Duenna 21:21 Read by Shasta
A Sister's Appeal 11:04 Read by Shasta
A Caravan Ball 16:38 Read by Shasta
To Horse and Away 18:13 Read by Shasta
Seeking a Cache 13:57 Read by Shasta
Un Paraiso 16:20 Read by Shasta
An Unexpected Defection 22:50 Read by Shasta


good story

(4.5 stars)

non stop action. good story. well read with the exception of a few readers. some are super slow and 1 doesnt appear to know english at all. worth it tho