The Second Mrs. Tanqueray

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Aubrey Tanqueray marries a woman with a past which he believes will not matter in society. "I know you think me a fool, Cayley—you needn't infer that I'm a coward into the bargain. No! I know what I'm doing, and I do it deliberately, defiantly. I'm alone; I injure no living soul by the step I'm going to take; and so you can't urge the one argument which might restrain me. Of course, I don't expect you to think compassionately, fairly even, of the woman whom I—whom I am drawn to— [] Thanks. I've heard you say that from forty till fifty a man is at heart either a stoic or a satyr. [] I am neither. I have a temperate, honourable affection for Mrs. Jarman. She has never met a man who has treated her well—I intend to treat her well. That's all. And in a few years, Cayley, if you've not quite forsaken me, I'll prove to you that it's possible to rear a life of happiness, of good repute, on a—miserable foundation." - Summary From the Play

Cast list:
Aubrey Tanqueray: ToddHW
Paula Tanqueray, his wife: Beth Thomas
Ellean Tanqueray, Aubrey's daughter: Leanne Yau
Cayley Drummle: Tomas Peter
Mrs. Cortelyon: Sonia
Captain Hugh Ardale: Jason in Panama
Gordon Jayne, MD: Son of the Exiles
Frank Misquith, QC, MP: DrPGould
Sir George Orreyed, Bart: alanmapstone
Lady Orreyed: TJ Burns
Morse: Jessie Percival
Servant: Roger Melin
Stage Directions: Availle
Edited by: ToddHW (2 hr 54 min)


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