The Double Life Of Mr. Alfred Burton

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(4.4 stars; 37 reviews)

Alfred Burton, a smooth-talking salesman, is having a perfectly ordinary day on the job when he stumbles across a strange plant in an old house. What he doesn't realize is that the fruit of the plant, when eaten, will change not merely the entire course of his life, but in fact his very self. - Summary by Devorah Allen (6 hr 43 min)


The Fruit of the Tree 22:03 Read by Linda Olsen Fitak
A Transformation 16:24 Read by Marcus Alexander
Mr. Alfred Burton's Family 13:56 Read by ToddHW
A Shock to Mr. Waddington 17:00 Read by Nick Flesher
Burton's New Life 15:18 Read by Nick Flesher
A Meeting With Ellen 17:54 Read by Michelle Tan
The Truthful Auctioneer 12:46 Read by Michelle Tan
Hesitation 13:49 Read by Michelle Tan
The Land of Enchantment 16:22 Read by Blainej
No Reconciliation 12:45 Read by Blainej
The Gate Into Paradise 10:26 Read by Joe Selah
A Bolt From the Blue 11:08 Read by John
Proof Positive 9:10 Read by John
The Legend of the Perfect Food 17:01 Read by Pseudonymous Nerd
The Professor Insists 12:33 Read by Wayne Anderson
Enter Mr. Bomford! 11:01 Read by Joe Selah
Burton Declines 11:10 Read by Michelle Tan
The End of a Dream 17:03 Read by Michelle Tan
A Bad Half-Hour 17:26 Read by Michelle Tan
Another Complication 9:49 Read by Joe Selah
An Amazing Transformation 13:07 Read by Warren Kati
Doubts 11:11 Read by ToddHW
Condemned! 16:55 Read by Warren Kati
Menatogen, the Mind Food 15:05 Read by Warren Kati
Discontent 11:56 Read by Kathleen Moore
The End of a Wonderful World 10:52 Read by Kathleen Moore
Mr. Waddington Also 11:31 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Real Alfred Burton 9:31 Read by Kathleen Moore
Riches and Repentance 12:08 Read by ToddHW
A Man's Soul 6:35 Read by Devorah Allen


An interesting listen

(3.5 stars)

Is it a morality tale? Not sure. Maybe so if the moral is that money fixes everything. Or maybe, "shirking wealth, but ending up with it anyway" fixes everything? Or maybe, "How to be a letch by leaving your wife and son to pursue finer things..."


(5 stars)

I would never have expected such a remarkable study from Openheim. I have enjoyed several of his spy novels, but the unexpected depth of this work was surprising. It was extremely well done and we'll read.

Thought provoking

(5 stars)

A great listen. Keeps you wondering what will happen right to the end. Also a good commentary on snobbery and reverse snobbery. I could not decide whether to feel happy or sad for Burton at the end.

(5 stars)

not oppenheim's usual genre, but a very thought provoking book. definitely worth listening to! good readers as well.

Excellent story

(5 stars)

Quite a perspective of class and life. Makes you think. Most readers did a good job