Stories in Grey

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This is a collection of short stories by Barry Pain. Pain was well-known in his time for his supernatural and horror stories. This collection contains 15 interesting examples of his work. - Summary by Carolin (7 hr 11 min)


Smeath, part 1 21:33 Read by Ian Stewart
Smeath, part 2 27:23 Read by Ian Stewart
The Autobiography of an Idea 42:56 Read by Heath Ogden
Burdon's Tomb, part 1 31:20 Read by ToddHW
Burdon's Tomb, part 2 30:09 Read by ToddHW
The Unknown God 7:00 Read by Dan Gurzynski
The Last Chance 27:06 Read by Dan Gurzynski
Her People 17:46 Read by Dan Gurzynski
Rose Rose 16:01 Read by Mike Pelton
Saint Martin's Summer 13:12 Read by brianna
The Doll 25:33 Read by Devorah Allen
Too soon and too late 18:43 Read by Julia Mikheeva
Locris of the Tower 31:50 Read by Ken Davies
Miniatures, part 1 21:46 Read by Brandy Morgan
Miniatures, part 2 26:55 Read by Susannah Mason
Miniatures, part 3 31:25 Read by Susannah Mason
Linda 34:47 Read by Barney Hallawell
The Good Name 5:41 Read by Julia Mikheeva