No Quarter!

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There is no page in England’s history so bright, nor of which Englishmen have such reason to be proud, as that covering the period between 1640 and 1650. This glorious decade was ushered in by the election of the “Long Parliament,” and I challenge the annals of all nations, ancient or modern, to show an assembly in which sat a greater number of statesmen and patriots. Brave as pure, fearless in the discharge of their difficult and dangerous duties, they faltered not in the performance of them—shrank not from impeaching a traitor to his country, and bringing his head to the block, even when it carried a crown. True to their consciences, as to their constituencies, they left England a heritage of honour that for long haloed her escutcheon, and even to this hour throws its covering screen over many a deed of shame. (From the Prologue) (15 hr 58 min)


Prologue 33:47 Read by Shasta
A Sword Duel in the Saddle 16:11 Read by Shasta
Foes Become Friends 10:47 Read by W. P. Costello
Beautiful Forest Birds 11:55 Read by chuckconvr
Out for a Walk 15:55 Read by Shasta
Waiting and Watching 13:34 Read by Shasta
A Cavalier in Love 11:48 Read by Shasta
A Young Lady not in Love 12:27 Read by Anita Sloma-Martinez
A House in Tudor Style 17:39 Read by Shasta
A Right Royal Epistle 19:43 Read by Shasta
The Cousins 16:34 Read by Shasta
Three Curious Characters 13:14 Read by Shasta
A Combat in a Quarry 15:00 Read by John
Looking Forward to a Fight 14:24 Read by Shasta
A Hawking Party 16:05 Read by Shasta
'Dear Little Mer' 11:08 Read by Shasta
Trouble Anticipated 7:57 Read by BourbonReader
New Faces and Old Foes 14:14 Read by Shasta
'Resist!' 12:33 Read by John
In the Midst of a Mob 8:33 Read by John
'No Quarter!' 10:54 Read by BrittanyRill
War in Full Fury 10:55 Read by BrittanyRill
The Cadgers on Dangerous Ground 13:50 Read by Shasta
A Grand Sergeant of Guard 15:35 Read by Shasta
On the Bridge 20:35 Read by Shasta
In Council of War 16:00 Read by Shasta
A Despatch Cunningly Conveyed 19:00 Read by Shasta
A City of Refuge 8:28 Read by John
A Home Gayer than Congenial 11:03 Read by John
The Night Owl 11:02 Read by John
A Mixed Assembly 19:10 Read by Shasta
A Labyrinth of Jealousies 21:00 Read by Shasta
A Contradanza 14:35 Read by Shasta
A Pas-Seul 15:26 Read by Shasta
Guardian Angels 20:21 Read by Shasta
A Complete Eclaircissement 9:04 Read by John
After Roundway Down 23:03 Read by Shasta
Fiennes Shows the White Feather 8:44 Read by ZoinkMeister Patrick
Insulting a Fallen Foe 17:09 Read by Shasta
A Princely Admirer 13:59 Read by Shasta
The Cadgers on the Kymin 9:23 Read by John
By the 'Buckstone' 12:38 Read by Sandra Cullum
A Reconnaissance 18:28 Read by Sandra Cullum
High Meadow House 13:28 Read by Sandra Cullum
Out in the Storm 11:56 Read by Sandra Cullum
A Town Cleverly Taken 8:23 Read by John
Awaiting War News 20:19 Read by Shasta
Old Comrades 13:48 Read by Mischella
Between Two Prisons 24:46 Read by Shasta
An Uphill Chase 17:55 Read by Shasta
An Ambuscade 12:24 Read by mokka
In Carousal 13:35 Read by mokka
At Home Again 12:12 Read by mokka
Again Presentiments 10:50 Read by mokka
A Glittering Cohort 8:58 Read by John
Hawking at Home 8:00 Read by John
An Introduction in the Saddle 14:00 Read by John
A Crime in Contemplation 8:24 Read by John
A Messenger Despatched 10:38 Read by John
Brought Home a Prisoner 13:04 Read by John
Quartered upon the Enemy 10:27 Read by John
A Courageous Wader 9:26 Read by John
Their Dear Ones in Danger 9:09 Read by John
An Exciting Epistle 8:48 Read by John
A House on Fire 11:42 Read by Matthew Reece
Very Near an Encounter 14:57 Read by Matthew Reece
On the Trail 11:22 Read by Matthew Reece
A Guard Carelessly Kept 12:00 Read by Matthew Reece
A Fight in a Flood 13:48 Read by KevinS