On Virginity (De Virginitate)

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One favorite topic of his was the excellence of virginity, and so successful was he in persuading maidens to adopt the religious profession that many a mother refused to permit her daughters to listen to his words. The saint was forced to refute the charge that he was depopulating the empire, by quaintly appealing to the young men as to whether any of them experienced any difficulty in finding wives. He contends, and the experience of ages sustains his contention (De Virg., vii) that the population increases in direct proportion to the esteem in which virginity is held. ( Herbermann, Charles, ed. (1913). St. Ambrose. Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company.) (1 hr 52 min)


The Objectors really worldly and tempters 3:07 Read by Geremia
Of vows in general; they are scriptural and binding when made for holy purposes. 3:50 Read by Geremia
Of the particular vow of Chastity 3:31 Read by Geremia
Bodily Chastity without faith and inward purity unprofitable 4:42 Read by Geremia
The fewness of those who possess this grace 1:41 Read by Geremia
Holy Virginity neither blameworthy nor unscriptural 5:33 Read by Geremia
Nor yet inexpedient; doubtfullness is no bar to it. 4:19 Read by Geremia
When and where the Virgin must seek for Christ 5:55 Read by Geremia
From whom the Virgin must seek Christ—what she must be that He may seek her 4:16 Read by Geremia
The Virgin must put off the flesh that He may seek her. 4:09 Read by Geremia
Then will He annoint her with incorruption 6:51 Read by Geremia
The Virgin must watch and wait for Christ. 11:10 Read by Geremia
The Virgin must watch her heart, her eye, her ear, her tongue. 7:23 Read by Geremia
Angels will watch over the Virgin. 7:44 Read by Geremia
Her Lord shall guide the affections of the Virgin's soul. 3:22 Read by Geremia
Modesty and confidence needful for the Virgin. 8:47 Read by Geremia
As the Virgin must shun arrogance, so must she still rise above the world in ho… 4:55 Read by Geremia
The four Virtues which make harmony in the Virgin's soul 8:36 Read by Geremia
The Virgin must in the Communion of St. Peter and the Church, be ready to give … 7:26 Read by Geremia
An earnest desire that God's Priests may gather many Virgins into the Church's … 4:54 Read by Geremia


Very good work on virginity by St. Ambrose!

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Heard for the first time..beautiful. worth listening to

(5 stars)