Wilderness Babies

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This book tells the stories of some of the baby mammals of the wilderness,—how they grow and learn day by day to take care of themselves. In hollow trees or down under water among the lily leaves, in the cool sea or on the rugged mountains, on the grassy plains or among the waving tree-tops, in the dark caves and burrows or hidden in the tangles underfoot,—all the world is alive with young creatures. - Summary by introduction (2 hr 43 min)


Introduction 6:42 Read by BettyB
The One with a Pocket 14:55 Read by BettyB
The One That Eats Grass in the Sea 9:27 Read by Annyiee Hill
The Biggest One 15:01 Read by Annyiee Hill
One of the Fleetest 13:56 Read by Wayne Anderson
The Best Builder 19:37 Read by Larry Wilson
The Timid One 14:56 Read by BettyB
The One with the Prettiest Tail 14:33 Read by Brandon Weston
One that Sleeps all Winter 13:51 Read by April6090
The Wisest One 13:39 Read by Brandon Weston
The Fiercest One 13:36 Read by Claudia Wagner
The One that Digs the Best 10:42 Read by Brandon Weston
Conclusion 2:49 Read by Larry Wilson