Perfumes and their Preparation

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Most of us take for granted the sense of smell. It gives pleasure, warning, anticipation and a sense of nostalgia. People have used perfumes since the days of Ancient Persia and Egypt in order to improve their personal smell. In this work, Askinson traces the history of perfumery and gives us an overview of the sources of perfumes and how they are manipulated to enhance our lives. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (10 hr 5 min)


Preface 6:17 Read by Larry Wilson
The History of Perfumery 10:33 Read by Larry Wilson
About Aromatic Substances in General 16:02 Read by Michele Fry
Odors from the Vegetable Kingdom 15:55 Read by Michele Fry
The Aromatic Vegetable Substances Employed in Perfumery Part 1 42:06 Read by elham
The Aromatic Vegetable Substances Employed in Perfumery Part 2 46:45 Read by Mayah
The Animal Substances Used in Perfumery 11:51 Read by DrPGould
The Chemical Products Used in Perfumery 45:25 Read by April Walters
The Extraction of Odors 44:41 Read by Availle
The Extraction of Odors Part 2 19:20 Read by Availle
The Special Characteristics of Aromatic Substances 42:58 Read by Michele Fry
The Adulteration of Essential Oils and their Recognition 20:02 Read by Michele Fry
The Essences or Extracts Employed in Perfumery 9:06 Read by Michele Fry
Directions for Making the Most Important Essences and Extracts 29:13 Read by Michele Fry
The Division of Perfumery 1:42 Read by aniroo
The Manufacture of Handkerchief Perfumes, Bouquets, or Aromatic Waters 4:44 Read by Brandon Weston
Formulas for Handkerchief Perfumes 52:56 Read by Brandon Weston
Ammoniacal and Acid Perfumes 13:40 Read by DrPGould
Dry Perfumes 3:29 Read by DrPGould
Formulas for Dry Perfumes (Sachets) 8:54 Read by April Walters
The Perfumes Used for Fumigation 17:37 Read by aniroo
Hygienic and Cosmetic Perfumery 4:01 Read by Lynne T
Preparations for the Care of the Skin 6:59 Read by Robert Ray
Formulas for the Preparation of Emulsions, Meals, Pastes, Vegetable Milk, and C… 26:35 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Preparations Used for the Care of the Hair (Pomades and Hair Oils) 5:18 Read by Kathleen Moore
Formulas for the Manufacture of Pomades and Hair Oils 16:38 Read by Kathleen Moore
Preparations for the Care of the Mouth 22:40 Read by Lynne T
Cosmetic Perfumery 1:45 Read by aniroo
Skin Cosmetics and Face Lotions 16:57 Read by Michele Fry
Hair Cosmetics 9:19 Read by Michele Fry
Hair Dyes and Depilatories 16:02 Read by April Walters
Wax Pomades, Bandolines, and Brillantines 4:52 Read by aniroo
The Colors Used in Perfumery 8:21 Read by Larry Wilson
The Utensils Used in the Toilet 2:45 Read by Larry Wilson


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From the preface: The great progress which the art of perfumery has made during recent times is due to several causes, the chief one of which is fully realized only by the manufacturer on a large scale, who stands, as it were, behind the scenes and has access to facts and information concerning the materials he uses, which are not so easily accessible to the dilettante in perfumery, or remain altogether unknown to the latter. This important factor is the advance in our knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of the several substances used in perfumery, whereby we can better discriminate between the genuine and the spurious, the choicest and the inferior, thus insuring, at the very start, a satisfactory result, instead of being compelled to resort to wasteful experimentation and empiricism.