Flash Evans, Camera News Hawk

Read by VfkaBT

(4.2 stars; 33 reviews)

Jimmy 'Flash' Evans, 17, ace photographer for The Brandale Ledger, tries his hand at the newsreel game in this upbeat, pre-war adventure. The listed author, Frank Bell, was actually the prolific Mildred Wirt Benson, most famous for writing the early Nancy Drew novels under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene. - Summary by Matt Pierard (4 hr 24 min)


Cracking Silk 11:17 Read by VfkaBT
Over The Cliff 15:33 Read by VfkaBT
A Train Wreck 13:14 Read by VfkaBT
Substitute Cameraman 10:25 Read by VfkaBT
Trouble At the Gate 11:31 Read by VfkaBT
Major Hartgrove's Visitor 9:08 Read by VfkaBT
A Hint To the Wise 10:30 Read by VfkaBT
Distrust 11:39 Read by VfkaBT
Flash Accepts An Offer 7:35 Read by VfkaBT
Checking Facts 10:54 Read by VfkaBT
High Water 13:43 Read by VfkaBT
Bridge Out! 9:33 Read by VfkaBT
A Polo Game 9:53 Read by VfkaBT
Rascomb's Invitation 12:10 Read by VfkaBT
Through The Pass 12:24 Read by VfkaBT
Doyle's Treachery 8:37 Read by VfkaBT
A Key to Mystery 8:32 Read by VfkaBT
Escape 9:14 Read by VfkaBT
A Double Resignation 8:13 Read by VfkaBT
Accusations 9:23 Read by VfkaBT
Rascomb's Explanation 8:36 Read by VfkaBT
The Major's Disappearance 12:52 Read by VfkaBT
Captives 8:32 Read by VfkaBT
A Desperate Chance 8:19 Read by VfkaBT
Fade-Out 12:47 Read by VfkaBT


BEST READER EVER (other than Karen Savage and uhhh whatsherface)

(5 stars)

i am a REALLY big fan of penny parker, nancy drew, hardy boys, sherlock holmes, Poroit, tom swift, the rover boys, accidental detectives, ect. but i never heard of flash evans until a month or 2 ago... really wish there were more 2 listen 2. Same with Doctor Dolittle๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’œ oh, don't forget the giver!!! books like these are just amazing!!! PLEASE MAKE MORE WITH THIS READER (and please add the giver on this app along with more doctor dolittle)

Flash . . Evans . . . News . . ..Hawk

(3 stars)

Wirt's writing here is interesting. Her 'Nancy Drew' books were well plotted for a young readership. FLASH EVANS does for boys what Nancy did for girls. The story holds up pretty well over time. Maybe 3.5 stars for the words. Sadly, the audio isn't up to the book. Odd frequent pauses suggest maybe voice-activated recording. The recording is disappointing, but if one can stay with it, the tale is like the radio serials for kids in the 1930s-'40s.

(0.5 stars)

The recording and reading is absolutely horrible!!!!!! I couldn’t even listen to most of it to give a proper review which is a shame ๐Ÿ˜– I hope someone re-records this and with a better more experienced reader for the voice.