The Pit Prop Syndicate

Read by KHand

(4.2 stars; 56 reviews)

Seymour Merriman stops at the side of the road 26 miles outside Bordeaux, an action that will change his life forever. The events that follow lead him into mystery, smuggling, murder and love. Two amateur detectives try to unravel the mystery of changing number plates, and everything else that surrounds the pit prop syndicate, before the case is handed over to Inspector Willis of Scotland Yard. (KHand) (8 hr 47 min)


The Sawmill on the Lesque 22:58 Read by KHand
An Interesting Suggestion 21:47 Read by KHand
The Start of the Cruise 25:22 Read by KHand
A Commercial Proposition 26:31 Read by KHand
The Visit of the "Girondin" 29:51 Read by KHand
A Change of Venue 22:28 Read by KHand
The Ferriby Depot 20:11 Read by KHand
The Unloading of the "Girondin" 22:32 Read by KHand
The Second Cargo 38:12 Read by KHand
Merriman Becomes Desperate 26:06 Read by KHand
An Unexpected Ally 37:39 Read by KHand
Murder! 20:26 Read by KHand
A Promising Clue 19:17 Read by KHand
A Mystifying Discovery 28:42 Read by KHand
Inspector Willis Listens In 22:24 Read by KHand
The Secret of the Syndicate 24:13 Read by KHand
"Archer Plants Stuff" 32:19 Read by KHand
The Bordeaux Lorries 24:34 Read by KHand
Willis Spreads His Net 34:23 Read by KHand
The Double Cross 27:17 Read by KHand


(3 stars)

Well plotted in the vintage style, a good, clean read and well narrated.


(4 stars)

Interesting plot. Reader is clear, but speaks too fast

(4 stars)

A fascinating mystery very well read

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(0.5 stars)