Bringing up the Boy

Read by Donald Cummings

(3.9 stars; 5 reviews)

''Bringing up the Boy'' is, according to its subtitle, ''A Message to Fathers and Mothers from a Boy of Yesterday concerning the Men of To-morrow'' and proffers advice for parents on raising boys from infancy until adulthood, to become fine, upstanding men. The fact that boys are temperamentally, emotionally and physically different from girls is never lost sight of in the discussions in the various chapters. Discussions include: advice on allowing boys to settle their own differences, without interference, but with advice; the Santa Claus myth; the best ways to discipline the boy, to ensure he gets the message; advice on how to talk with your boy regarding smoking, drinking, sex, puberty, and keeping a clean mind as well as a clean body. The author's advice is from his experiences in raising his boy, and the fact that he was once a boy. So many parents often forget that they were once boys and girls themselves. (Donald Cummings) (1 hr 42 min)


Foreword 4:40 Read by Donald Cummings
From Baby to Boy 12:38 Read by Donald Cummings
The Simplicity of Discipline 13:44 Read by Donald Cummings
As the Twig Is Bent 12:46 Read by Donald Cummings
A Talk at Christmas Time 13:13 Read by Donald Cummings
The Dynasty of the Dime Novel 11:49 Read by Donald Cummings
The Sin of Sex Secrecy 12:42 Read by Donald Cummings
The Weed and the Winecup 11:33 Read by Donald Cummings
Out into the World 9:30 Read by Donald Cummings


Very good reader

(4 stars)

Very interesting. Good ideas to pass on to the next generation.