The Pleasures of Ignorance

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From the pen of the Irish poet and essayist, Robert Lynd, comes a collection of humorous and satirical essays on topics as wide ranging as cats and weed to why we hate insects and morals of beans. - Summary by Larry Wilson (5 hr 35 min)


The Pleasures of Ignorance 10:33 Read by Larry Wilson
The Herring Fleet 14:43 Read by Eva Davis
The Betting Man 13:04 Read by Steven M. Lafitte
The Hum of Insects 12:05 Read by Julia Mikheeva
Cats 12:58 Read by Wayne Anderson
May 12:00 Read by Tom Penn
New Year Prophecies 15:23 Read by Tom Penn
On Knowing the Difference 13:20 Read by Eva Davis
The Intellectual Side of Horse-Racing 14:35 Read by Tom Penn
Why We Hate Insects 14:17 Read by Tom Penn
Virtue 11:36 Read by Kathleen Moore
June 11:21 Read by Kathleen Moore
On Feeling Gay 15:14 Read by Eva Davis
In the Train 14:02 Read by brianna
The Most Curious Animal 13:25 Read by Z. Z. Turner
The Old Indifference 12:40 Read by Nemo
Eggs: An Easter Homily 12:33 Read by Tom Penn
Enter The Spring 13:55 Read by jimsvox4
The Daredevil Barber 11:17 Read by Tom Penn
Weeds: An Appreciation 14:40 Read by Eva Davis
A Juror in Waiting 12:14 Read by Tom Penn
The Three-halfpenny Bit 12:14 Read by Annyiee Hill
The Morals of Beans 11:10 Read by zgorelick
On Seeing a Joke 12:48 Read by Annyiee Hill
Going to The Derby 12:59 Read by Monica Washington
This Blasted World 10:33 Read by Larry Wilson